Forty Four.

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It comes as no surprise that I'm not able to get any work done.  Harry's empty chair is mocking me from across the room, making me wonder if I really have made a mistake being with him again.  Zimm is exhausted, his head is held in his hands for the rest of the day, only lifting to shuffle though papers once and a while.  Zayn and Liz don't speak to each other or to me, each of them focused on what they are doing with frowns etched into their faces.  Everyone seems to be in a rut, everyone seems to feel like me.

When five o'clock rolls around I'm more than eager to get going until I remember that I have to walk back to the apartment alone.  With the way I'm feeling, doubting myself and beyond unsettled, the stares of people passing by will burn much more today than usual.

I haven't felt this way in a while and I don't welcome the feeling.  My stomach is fluttering uncomfortably with anxiety about everything going on right now.  I've felt so secure for the last little while, and now everything is starting to spiral downward again.  It could just be me, things have been going so well that I could be anticipating the downfall.

It's the way Harry and I have always been, granted we were never in a good place for this long.  A few good days here and there between fights, silent treatment and tears were all we had.  It's almost too hard to believe that Harry and I have been on good terms for more than a few days, I'm not used to it at all.  But then I remember that Harry is not the same person, Harry has changed and he's trying; that's what matters to me.

As I'm heading down the hall toward the elevator trying to convince myself I'm overreacting and waiting for things to go wrong, I pass an open door at the end of the hall that is normally closed.  Curious, I peek in, but find no one.  I'm surprised to find that it's not an office, but a security room complete with screens displaying different parts of the building.  I recognize different offices and common areas, including the lobby, Parker's floor and my office space.  Zimm is still sat as his desk with his head in his hands and I can't help but wish this will all be over soon for his sake.

"Excuse me." Someone clears their throat behind me and I jump, thinking everyone had left.  I turn around to find Talia with a hand on her hip and a demeaning look in her eyes.  "What are you doing?"

"I was just... sorry I just got curious," I mumble with a small smile, but it fades when she rolls her eyes.

"Well, this room is off limits, Skylar," she says, stepping past me to shut the door.  "Maybe if you ever become a real employee at Parker you can have a peek."

"Okay, I'm sorry," I say slowly.  I blink a few times at her, more than stunned at her behavior.  She's never appeared to be so condescending, she has a real chip on her shoulder when it comes to me and I can't help but think it has something to do with Zayn.

She watches me a few more seconds before returning to her desk without a word.  I offer her a "goodnight" but she doesn't so much as lift her head to acknowledge me.  She's never spoken to me this way before and I can't figure out what I did to get on her bad side except that I've been out with Zayn a few times.

My head is aching by the time I reach the lobby, my feet dragging from exhaustion.  My mind has run miles today and I need time to let it rest.  I'm about to push through the big glass doors and head out onto the busy, snowy, dreadful streets when I hear my name being called.

"Skylar..." My eyes skim the lobby and land on Harry who is getting up from a sofa in the seating area.  He smiles brightly, and gives me a small wave.  I move towards him, a smile now on my own face and everything that I was only just thinking about forgotten.  Seeing him calms me, soothes my worry. 

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