Fifty One.

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Harry's POV

My eyes scan the waiting area for her. I'm out of breath having ran inside from the lot, my heart pounding and desperate to know she's alright. I start to panic when I don't see her, my heart nearly stopping.

I get strange looks from the calm people sitting in the room, probably disturbed by my frantic state. Snow melts in my hair and drips down my face, my arms frozen from not having grabbed a jacket on the way out. I was too panicked, all I wanted to do was get here and make sure she was alright.

"Harry Styles?"

I turn around to find a short nurse with shoulder length blond hair and sweet eyes calling my name. I glance behind me for no apparent reason - as if she would be talking to anyone else - before approaching her. I swallow the lump in my throat, my stomach alive and turning upside down inside me.

"Yeah?" My voice is caught in my throat.

"That's you, sir?" She asks raising her eyebrows and looking me up and down.

"Yes..." I reply skeptically.

"Follow me please," she says with a smile and I follow her with no questions.

She leads me down a series of halls, all winding and twisting like my mind right about now. The green glow of the fluorescent lights and silence of the halls send chills down my spine; it makes me feel uncomfortable. Everything is so sterile and there's no life here. It feels dreary and solemn. I wouldn't expect much more from a hospital.

Then we turn a corner and relief ripples through me so quickly when I lay my eyes on her, a breath flowing out of me that I didn't know I was holding in. My feet carry me into a run and I turn around to thank the nurse before rushing over to Skylar who is sat in a chair down the hall.

"Sky," I call as I approach her. She looks up at me and I nearly trip out of shock.

I run the rest of the way over to her and kneel in front of her chair, taking her face in both my hands. My eyes search her face desperately for some sort of sign but I'm at a loss.

"Sky," I pant, "baby, what's going on? Are you alright, are you hurt? What - what happened?" Words fall from my lips in panted breaths as my heart races and anxiety fills me to the brim.

She simply shakes her head slowly. Her shoulders are dropped and her head hung low. Her dark eyes are dull and empty, not dazzling like they usually are. Her cheeks are pale and tear stained, her hands trembling.

I let go of her face and stand, scooping her up into my arms and sitting on the chair with her in my lap, holding her close. She shakes in my arms and I gather her small trembling fingers into one of my hands.

"Baby, what is going on?" I ask softly, my lips brushing the surface of her temple. I press a gentle kiss against her skin and pull back to look at her face. "Skylar, please baby, talk to me."

She draws in a deep shaky breath, the kind you'd get after a good cry. She looks down at her hands in mine and a single tear falls onto the back of my hand. Then, the next thing I know her lip is between her teeth and she's stifling sobs, pressing her face into my shoulder.

"My - my -" she stutters through her warm tears which I feel against my skin through my shirt. I gather her body closer to mine and rest my cheek on the top of her head, wishing only to comfort her. Her sobs cut through my heart like glass.

I've heard her cry many times before and each time I always felt the same. It was always me who made her cry but it still killed me to see her hurt. Now is no different, I don't ever want to see her like this.

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