Self Peace

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The chirping of the crickets,

The moonlight I stand in,

The mist that travels across the grass,

Is what I dance in.

The darkness

Hides my face

But the moonlight

Shines on me so perfectly

Creating me to look perfect.

The mist dances with me, in bare feet,

And make the grass and air cold and wet

Creating my soul to feel relaxed.

The mist dances with me

And the perfect spotlight

Of the moon

And the crickets chirp

So peacefully

That the trees begin to sway

With me and the mist.

I have learned

How to love myself.

But it only appears

When I dance in the dark,

In the moons spotlight,

With the mist and cool air,

With the crickets chirping

And trees swaying,

Underneath the stars

And darkness

With the moon and its spotlight.

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