On The Inside

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I'm cold
On the inside
Its freezing
On the outside

I'm dying
On the inside
I'm lying
On the outside

I regret it
I regret leaving you
You made me smile
But only for a little while

You didnt treat me right
I still love you
You kept secrets
I still love you

You cheated on me
You ignored me
You never cared about me
But I still love you

On the inside
My heart is shattered
My lungs can't breathe
And my mind can't think right

On the outside
I want a hug
That lasts forever
Or even a conversation

I love you
then I hate you
Then love you again
Of what's left with my torn heart

In my mind
I cant think
Of anything else
Rather than you

In my lungs
There full of depression
They get darker and darker
Until there gone

In my heart
I know you shattered it
And you dragged it around
But let me grab it and be on my way

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