Your Right And Wrong

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Your right
That I am a waste of time
That I am a waste of space
That I am a nobody

Your wrong,
I'm not beautiful
I'm not important
I'm not a somebody

You told me lies and truths
I had to figure out
Where which one
went were

Your going to say
Oh no you have those mixed up
Ok sure
You told me both of those things

One minute I can trust you
The next I can't
What do I do
I guess belive what you say the most

You say those the most
So it must be true
So I belive you
When you know you you were wrong

You call me
But its to late
I'm gone
No not moved away gone

I mean
Suicide gone
You drove me that way
And you helped me get there

I didnt get to
Live my life the fullest
But I say I tried
Maybe not...

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