Im Broken, Your Mad

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What the hell
You think your cool
Well guess what
I ani't no fool

You lied to me you tricked me
I fell in your trap
Its just a little scrape
But your the scrap

Your mad at me
I dont know why
You lied in my face
And you made me cry

I texted you
With a smile on my face
But the next think I learn
Its that your a disgrace

Your the one who did the damage
I'm the one with the messed up heart
And your the mad one
Don't let me start

I know you moved on
But I haven't, not just yet
And that is something
That I can bet

Your the one
Who cheated on me
But that's what made you
Made you all flee

You don't care about me
If I lay here and die
And give up
Or if I just sit here and cry

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