A Happy Baby, Now Alone

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A baby girl with hazel eyes
Straight, soft, blonde hair
Comes from a loving mother.

The mother wraps her arms around
Her baby, craddling her happiness
Holding her baby tight, not letting go.

The girl turns three
And begins to explore the world
Learning new things everyday

Words can describe her
As happy, loveable, and very open
And never pushing others away

The girl is now seven
Realizing a monster lives in her home
And running to her mom arms open

The girl remembers ever second
He took her innocents away
His voice and glare he gave her when he did

The words fell out of her fathers lips
And into her ears every night
Before she slept with her mind awake

Her happiness ran down her face
As the tears went with
When she saw the man she learned to love, disappear

Put behind bars, while she was sad
Depressed without knowing it
Talking to a stranger for a hour a day for help

Her mother lost her happy girl
And didn't know how to talk to her
Because she didn't understand how to

The girl, pushed away from everyone
Feeling so alone without a doubt
But no one even noticed

She found a mask on the ground
And brought it with her
When she talked to the stranger

She got away from the stranger
When she needed them the most
She needed the therapy

The loving girl disappeared
Without a trace
And took her "happy" pills with her.

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