We Are Two Boats

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We are two boats,

In the sea.

We started out

Unknown to the world,

But when we found each other

We were known.

We we're each others worlds.

We began to drift together

In union, as one.

In love with the sea

That surrounded our world.

A sea, not full of tears,

But full of adventures

That we could begin.

As our adventures grew fun

The sun began to set

And a storm came our way.

And you couldn't save

What you had done.

So our distance became clear

And we were no longer known.

We fought every night

While the thunder roared mightly,

And the lighting struck my boat

Causeing it to sink ever so slowly.

And creating a slow painful death,

The sea began to rise

Caused by all the tears that I have cried.

With this sinking boat,

You tried to save it

From yourself, but failed.

You hurt and slowly transformed

From the sea I loved to sail on

To the water that will be the death of me

And slowly sinking, I fall for you again.

The talking then became silent nights.

Under the twinkling stars,

I go to gaze up at, you look at me.

You glance a slight glance at me

And you grin causing me to grin

And despritly, I want to be in your arms

Before I am completely sunken.

The sky begins to cry with me

As the sea takes you away,

Leading you to another boat

That isn't as damaged as I.

And without realzing,

You float past me with the new boat,

Killing me with your new adventure.

The talking turns more silent

And I break into tears you've never seen

But you have a new adventure set

With the new boat you love.

And when I'm begging for a hug

You're the only one I see in these waters

And then i fall into your arms, falling deep

I begin sinking, but you can't help

Because of the fact that when I seen you,

I walked to the railing of my boat

And fell to quick before you could catch,

To hold me close before I fell into the sea

Full of despair and sorrowful tears

That have been cause by our adventure

When the storms rolled in

You were there to lead me away.

When the lightning struck

You were my hero in my adventure.

When the tears rolled down

You wiped them away.

But now, our adventure has ended.

And a new one has begun with your heart

In love with another boat that you met,

In the beautiful blue waters,

With the perfect sunset behind you both,

And tears in my eyes ,

sitting under the clouds,

Without my adventure, my world, my absolute everything.

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