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I hug my pillow
As if it were you
I sit here wondering
Why are we through

Then i remember
Its because you moved on
But for me
It lasts after dawn

I cherish our moments
I want the messages back
you don't understand
That I love you, that's a fact

You obviously don't care
Because if you really did
You wouldn't see me cry
Instead you went and hid

I love
Then I hate
For my love is way to strong
And there is no debate

My love is strong like a storm
And warm like the sun
I will love you
Like no one has ever done

Please don't leave
I'm not ready to let go
Just hold me one more time
Before you finish your show

Let him go
They say to me
You need to learn
How it feels to be free

Id rather feel loved
Than to be free
Because my heart
Wants just you and me

No one else
In our picture frame
You call me stupid
And a very dirty name

Id rather be with him
Than Id with you
You lie to me then you trick me
Next, you come crying boo-hoo

Your the reason we broke up
You couldn't keep it in
I told you not to reply
Me and him never spoke again

Thanks for the tears
That you cause me
Thanks for the fears
That won't let me free

I'm done with friends
I'm done with love
Its like a little bird
Next time I won't care, not even from above

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