My Pain

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My bloods cold
My hearts broken
I want to be heard
But never spoken

I keep all the pain in
I cry myself to sleep
Somehow I manage
Not to make a peep

I'm good at hiding things
Can't you tell?
Never mind you dont even listen
But I wish you well

Your gonna go on a journey
Sounds like fun
I want to go too
I hope I find a gun

Unless you want to watch me
Sit there and suffer
Crying for hours
I'm no bluffer

People say I act
Just for attention
If anything I hate it
It's like a convention

Everyone talking
Saying your lying
But I'm not
These tears say I'm crying

Thanks for the pain
That cut deeper each day
And thanks for the tears
That get stronger in every way

The pain is awful
That's why I make people smile
I dont want them to commit suicide
I want them to stay for a while

But me
I'm just a robot
No feelings no nothing
Ill just sit here and rot

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