Walking In The Rain

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I like to walk alone
In the rain
It hides the tears
It hides the pain

It hides the fear
That's in your soul
You feed the demons
Until they're full

You can't escape
Its a living hell
Its like your trapped
Inside a deep well

I like my pillow
It silences my cry
While in the inside
I want to die

I like my blanket
It holds me tight
Its soft and warm
Even on the darkest night

I like my bed
It keeps me close
It keeps my secrets
And listens to me the most

I like my stuffed animal
It lays by my side
So when I'm sad
It lets me hide

I like my room
Were I sit alone
No one there
Only my phone

I like my music
Its blocks them out
They don't give a shit
Not what I think about

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