If You Leave

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If you leave
I will never forget
The mean and good things
That you won't regret

I'm sorry I have flaws
I'm sorry I'm not perfect
But when it comes to you
Your always worth it

Worth the wait
Worth the pain
Before a rainbow
Is a little rain

Its okay it always is
If there's some tears
It helps you become strong
And loose some fears

So is this goodbye
Or are we friends?
Or do you want
To help re-mend?

If this is goodbye
Then there's the door
Dont come back
I can't take much more

If were friends
Expect me to be shy
Its kinda weird
Because I still love that guy

If were more
Then stay with me
Ill treat you like a king
More than you can see

Feeling dont just disappear
They stay a while
Not for a month
But for a lot of miles

If you treat me like a game
I'll show you how its played
Love ain't a joke
It ain't just "made"

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