I Will Always Love You

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Why did you
Have to go
Why did you
Say goodbye

My dear sweet grandmother
You left on short knotice
You left without any noise
Your skin was as cold as winter snow

I should have stayed
I should have never left
When my body told me
That something was wrong

My sweet dear grandmother
Lost inbetween time and love
And has stolen my heart
And taken to heaven

My lovely grandmother
Oh how i remember what we did
And oh how i miss you
And oh how i need you

My lovely grandmother
I am sorry i stressed you out
I was such a brat
I was a nuisance

My dear grandmother
May you rest in piece
You have died with my heart
And you have rested your soul

You got to kiss death
On his painful lips
But that scar was left
On everyone here

That scar was left
On our hearts
We will ALWAYS love you ❤


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