anxiety. by lucidsoulz
#1 lucidsoulz
she was the girl with the dark brown hair and matching chocolate eyes who nervously rubbed her wrists and twirled her hair into little curls. she had anxiety, and she th...
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- Min Yoongi - A lonely abused kid with a lot of issues who loves drawing. - Park Jimin - Sweet pretty kid popular for no reason with his crew = BTS What happens if...
  • yoonmin
  • jimin
  • fanfiction
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The Betas Alpha by hailee0418
The Betas Alphaby Hailee
Jay is going to be the next alpha of the Blue Woods pack. With his birthday coming up in a week he is excited to find out who his mate will be. Let's just say, it wasn't...
  • boy
  • depression
  • mxm
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No Time To Heal [BTS J.Jk] by ahlpa_wp
No Time To Heal [BTS J.Jk]by Ahlpa
Jungkook, Maknae of BTS, was always happy and perfectly fine. Never seemed to be bothered by anything and never the one to give up anything. At least that is what he wan...
  • angst
  • neglect
  • loney
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Where Did the Party Go? (complete) by candylugosi
Where Did the Party Go? (complete)by candylugosi
It's 1994 and teenager Stella Jones finds herself in love with Everett Cooper, a popular alternative boy. She begins partying with his crowd and lets her mental illness...
  • mentaldisorder
  • concert
  • punk
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The Bad Boy [COMPLETED✔️] by krissa1110
The Bad Boy [COMPLETED✔️]by Krissa
Mason Steele... Or even better known as The Bad Boy, makes a bet with his best friend. Here are the rules: 1) You must be in a relationship with her for a year. 2) You...
  • fakelove
  • sadness
  • romance
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Beta by Avalinda
Betaby Avalinda
Lance is a beta.... totally just a beta. A/B/O universe Voltron legendary defenders Beta! Hunk Beta! Pidge Alpha! Shiro Alpha! Keith Smut Non consensual actions B...
  • omega
  • depression
  • alpha
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Desire Undying (Young Immortals, Book 1) by SilverReins
Desire Undying (Young Immortals, Christina Silver
Wolfgang can't deny the unexpected urge to help Sabrina in her transition to immortal life as well as an undeniable craving for her delectable blood, but can he afford t...
  • vampire
  • mystery
  • pk
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I'm Mrs Styles? by Irmina_95
I'm Mrs Styles?by ♥Minion60♥
When Jasmine, a shy girl, is arranged to marry Harry, a boy from the world's biggest boyband, how will she cope? How will she be able to come out of her shell? How will...
  • onedirection
  • payne
  • horan
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Bloody Syndrome (ticci toby x reader) by unluckythe13
Bloody Syndrome (ticci toby x Chicken Lady
"There are different types of relationships. Love, or hate. In this case, it's both." Updates at least three times a week ❤ I hate the title so much because it...
  • whyamiwritingthis
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  • tourettesyndrome
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DAISY! [spam] by http-goth
  • depression
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The Father The Son The Campe Diem by haiseblack666
The Father The Son The Campe Diemby Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Rᴏsé
Set after the events of Parent's Day, things haven't exactly gone back to normal how everyone thought they would. The camp gets a few upgrades and much needed repairs, b...
  • neil
  • adoption
  • dadvid
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Adulthood by lexisaay
Adulthoodby alexis
These are the tales of several erotic and sickening attractions between strangers. Warning; This story will contain rape, pedophilia, bestiality, and other paraphil...
  • passion
  • anxietydisorder
  • depression
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Scratches (Dadvid) by NoahZr
Scratches (Dadvid)by Noah
Max is 16, and enrolled in a camp for the summer. A nature camp ran by the millionaire Cameron Campbell himself. The camp is known for being shitty, so the students are...
  • depression
  • autism
  • angst
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Love Is The Bravest (MxM) (Completed) by JuanDemsie
Love Is The Bravest (MxM) ( Demson Parumog
[COMPLETED] They say love is the strongest force, but I find it partially true. Because for love to be the strongest, it must be brave first. Yohan is a mental health a...
  • incestuous
  • bisexual
  • gay-sex
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his obsession || vhope ff[✔] by vanityproxy
his obsession || vhope ff[✔]by 💖vani💖
❝ you look so pretty when you think that no one is watching.❞ - ob·ses·sion əbˈseSHən/ noun the state of being obsessed with someone or something. - Kim Taehyung has a...
  • forced
  • boyxboy
  • sexualassault
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What if? -Brendon Urie- by Just_Chass
What if? -Brendon Urie-by Just_Chass
What if he never left? What if he would've stayed? Would things be better? 16 yr old Callie Urie is the younger sister for the famous Brandon Urie. Callie has a lot o...
  • brendonurie
  • mychemicalromance
  • joshdun
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lil xan Imagines  by slayingelui
lil xan Imagines by oooooo Shane
These are imagines for my daddy Diego. Some are happy some are sad some are depressing some are just plain out weird but Here you go, enjoy. I post every other day. So y...
  • hate
  • music
  • life
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Just Another Lovato by suggthemonkey
Just Another Lovatoby xxJ
Hey. I'm Kayla Lovato. Yea, yea. Go scream, tell your friends about me, but my life isn't the best. Just because I'm a Lovato, doesn't mean I'm treated like the queen...
  • sisters
  • self-harm
  • demetriadevonnelovato
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If I Could Fly (Harry Styles' daughter fanfic) by PsychoReader24
If I Could Fly (Harry Styles' Erin
When Addilynn (Addie) Styles loses her mom, Erin Styles, her life is turned upside down. Her dad insists that they move out of there home in L.A. And go live in London...
  • liam
  • onedirection
  • niallhoran
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