Him and Only Him

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He's my other half
He's my missing piece
He's my true love
He's my everything
He's my world

He's the one who makes me smile
He's the only one for me
He's the person who loves me for me
He's the person I want to be with forever
He's the one who comforts me
He's the one who dries my tears
He's the one I want for years

He's had a rough past
I want to help him in anyway I can with that
I love him a lot
I hope he loves me a lot too
I don't want to loose him

I want years with him
I want to meet him at the end of the asile one day
I want to wake up to his sweet voice
I want to wake up and be able to see his cute sleepy face
I want to be the one he wants to be with

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