In A Person's Eye

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I could try over and over again
But no matter how hard I try
I will never be able to please
Another person's eye

It's okay
They only hate me
But who gives a shit
It's how it's supposed to be

Not loved and not wanted
Never chose for anything
All i hear is I forgot
To get you a single thing

You can't love me
like you love others
Not even like
Father's and mothers

But I wouldn't know
How it feels to be loved
I'm just pushed away
And shoved

Why do you do this?
You treat me differently
I never asked to be here
You don't even talk to me gently

You make me
Turn into a river
You gave me your love
But you left it with a sliver

You put things in my head
And made me feel this way
Until when I didn't
Have to feel another day

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