He is Perfect

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He dances with me
He sings with me
He snuggles with me
He laughs with me
He comforts me
He listens to me
I am lucky

He  makes me feel wanted
He makes me laugh when I want to cry
He makes my day brighter
He makes me feel special
He makes my world wonderful
I am glad he is in my life

He's the one who sticks up for me
He's the one on want to be with for years
He's the one I want to wake up to
He's the voice I want to hear when I wake up
He's the one I truly love
I hope I can meet him at the end of the asile one day

I hope he loves me
I hope when he wakes up I'll be his first good morning
I hope when he goes to sleep I'll be his first goodnight
I hope that he will be there with me forever

I want him and only him
I need him and only him
I love him more than I can put words in a sentence to explain

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