Love In A Fathers Eyes

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The love in his eyes

Was way too strong

When he looked at his daughter.

The love his hands showed

Was too much

For his little girl.

The body

Of his daughter,

Was his wonderland.

The spot between her legs

Is were he rested his fingers.

Gutting her insides

And scraping her mind

Leaving scars

All over his

Little girl.

The breasts

Were covered in brusies

And it's where he rested his lips.

His words

Sucked the life

out of her.

Scaring her.

Now every time she hears

Those words,

She hides behind

Her memories

And latches onto

His voice

That rings in her ears.

She screams for help

But not out loud.

My dear

Oh, my dear.

Look into my eyes.

You can see that little girl.

Can't you?

But what you didn't see

Is that the little girl

Learned how to bury her problems

And how to scream with her eyes

And mouth closed,

Instead of her voice

With an open mouth.

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