Burning House

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I had a dream
About a burning house

You were stuck inside
I couldn't get you out

So I laid beside you
And pulled you close

And the two of us
Went up in smoke

Ill stay here with you
Until this dream of tears are gone

Ive been wondering all night
While sleepwalking

Im trying to take what's lost
And broke and make it right

Ive been sleepwalking
Really close to the fire

But its the only place
That i can hold you tight

Inside this
Burning house

I could take you back
But people don't ever change

Wish we could
Go back in time

So I can fix
All the mistakes

In this
Burning house

The flames are
Getting bigger now

I will hold on
To you somehow

In this burning house
I don't want to wake up

In this
Burning house

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