My Demons

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The harder I try
The faster I want to die
Kill me now
Take me out of my misery

The demons won't let me go
They pull me under the black blanket
they call it my mind

I'm terrified so I cry
I cry myself to sleep
I think
I think I'm fat so I stop eating
I think I'm ugly so I hide my face with layers of makeup

I think i'll never know what love is like
Because I lost that guy
that guy I called mine

Spent time wasting on
It was like rereading a chapter
You know how it ends already
You want to give up

You walk into the kitchen
You grab a knife
You carve lines of pain
Almost hitting your vain

You head for the bathroom
You open the pills
You dont want to take them

You think some more
You cut deeper and deeper each day
You think the pain will go away
You hide everything by smiling

Never follow the demonds
Follow your heart

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