What Is Depression?

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What is depression?

They all seem to ask me.

I replied with,

Have you ever went swimming,

And just sunk like a rock?

You're in the pool,

Surrounded by others,

But yet, you feel like you've sunken to the bottom with no one to help.

You're rock bottom

In order to get back up you must fall first

People always seem to say.

What is depression?

They ask once more.

I looked them in the eyes

And say,

While you're swimming, you seem to drift away.

Away from what?

I drift away from shore.

The place I learned on.

The place loved on.

I drift away from food.

I drift away from the others.

I drift until I begin to sink.

Sinking and stranded.

Feeling all alone.

They still seem to ask,

What is depression?

When you hit the sinking part

Of your swimming,

Whether you dove right in,

Or you were dragged down

By the dark creature

That seems to be your best friend.

Which ever way this occurred,

They still ask me,

What is depression?

Depression is when

You feel like you can't breath

And you've sunken down

Into the abyss

Until you feel like you have become everything unknown and forgotten

Inside of this dark path,

That wraps around you

Like the water holds your lifeless body.

Depression is like being in a pool,

Full of people

But still feeling all alone,

Or its like

When you go out to dinner.

The people you bring

Starts out at a one

Now its a party of 6.



Eating disorder,

Self hate,

Suicidal thoughts

And, yourself.

What is depression?

They still ask.

Its when you look in a mirror

And lose all respect for yourself.

Its when you've been dragged down

Into the abyss by your party of 6.

Its when you look at food

And suddenly become full.

Its when you look into my eyes

And realize,

I'm screaming for help

But you can't save me.

Oh no dear,

You can't.

What is depression?

They ask one more time.

I respond,

Its the silent killer

Killing you from the inside out.

It is the silent killer

Who lives in us all,

But only shows its face

When it knows

It can't be defeated

By the strength in your mind.

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