When Will You Rescue Me

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When he went to prison
You changed a lot

When I needed you the most
You threatened to give me away

When I was there for you
You pushed me away

When you found another love
You gave no attention to me

When you would say goodnight
You never said you loved me

When I was crying
You told me to shut the fuck up

When I cried before we moved again
Your love hit me because I cried

I needed you
We're were you

I begged for mercy and you to help
But you just watched

When he hit you or attacked
I was the bait to lead him away

When he hit me or attacked me
You attacked me and watched him

When you needed comforting
I was there right then and there

When I needed you
You just let me look at the closed door

When will you rescue me, mom?

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