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What's Happiness To You?

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What's happiness to you?
My definition is awful
What's yours?
I bet yours is happy

Like, smiles, laughter
And much more
Happiness to me
That's a different story

Happiness to me is
Feeling loved
Making people smile
A warm feeling

Not smiling
Or laughter
Or even grins
It's a feeling

A good feeling
That I never feel
Sometimes I do
But not most of the time

Happiness is being with people
There called your friends
Your crushes
And your family

Happiness is a feeling
That can be rare
It can be often
Or just neutral

It depends
On how people treat you
Encourage you
And notice you

Happiness isn't easy to get
So when you get happiness
Try to not let go
Or waste it

Use it to the max
So you can feel
Be loved
And feel something special

Just whatever you do
And I mean never
Take happiness for granted

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