I Am Just A Girl

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Im just a girl.

Or that

Is what you see me as.

Just a girl.

A "pretty" girl.

A "smart" girl.

A "ugly" girl.

A "dumb" girl.

I'm just a girl.

With a rough past.

Before you judge me

For being

Just a girl,

Why don't you see

And walk down this path

Of her memories

With me.

She was a girl.

Who loved to dance with a man

That she learned to love

Called "dad"

She would paint his nails

And do his hair.

She loved him.

But he loved her too.

A strong, strange, love

That you can't imagine.

The wrong kind of love.

She was a girl,

Only the age of 8 years,

When the man who raised her

And loved,

Got taken away

Because he did something

To her body

That had to be stopped,

But the memories

Can never be stopped.

Weeks later,

After the man

That she learned to love

Learned to trust

Was taken away,

This little girl

Gained a stranger

As a listener.

She visited her

Once a week.

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