My River Of Red

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As my river of tears
Begin to run red
I grow weaker everyday
Hoping that I drop dead

The blood mixed with tears
Is a painful sight
It's leaves me up
Wondering all night

As the stars in the sky
Twinkled and shined
I was down here on earth

         Stuck with my dark mind

My mind grows darker
And my knife brightened with red
Hoping that someday
I would finnaly be dead

These rivers of both
Blood and tears
We're cause by others
And a lot of my fears

Hey! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reading my poems. I know there not the best, but thank you for staying around for my 100th poem! I was so excited when I got to number 99! If you would like, then could you leave your comments below and tell me how I'm doing with writing! Thank YOU for supporting me!

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