They Don't Know

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Friends betray me
They make fun of you
They use you
They act

You loose trust
You loose faith
You loose emotions
You loose feeling

You choose the wrong path
You run into a brick wall
You can't climb it
You turn around, rereading your chapter

I didnt choose to be ugly
I didnt choose to be alive
I never had a choice
Not even when it comes to life

I want to die
I cant take anymore pain
From friends
And the past

They say look forward
But its hard
When you lost so much
In the past

Its easy to look forward
For you yeah,
But not as easy for me
I've been through hell

You know my name
You dont know my story
You heard things about me
But you never heard me say them

You belive them?
But why?
Because there always right

Well there not
They don't know how I think
They don't know me
But they believe others

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