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I-I...Athena Blackwood...r-reject you...k-kad...". My heart sank as I heard her trying to get my name out as a sob wracked her body. She tried to reject me...us. She breath in and out slowly trying to catch her breath before  walking away towards the door saying something about going to get some fresh air.

As I stood there I couldn't describe what I was feeling right now sad,heart-broken, but also...angry.. not at Athena but myself for deciding to keep such secret from her. I felt like chasing  after her and tell how sorry I am, that I love her and ill never lie  to her again but she needed her space and so did I. as I keep replaying the scene I seen all the hate an betrayal written all over her face.

Straightening up I walked out the door and down the hall passing pack members bowing their head in respect when passing by. Suddenly I heard a howl rip through the air leaving me standing in the middle of the hall trying to wrack my head for what happening in the mind- link.

"what's going on". Growling in the mink-link wanting answers.

After a couple seconds I got a response from a girl. "rogues have been spotted on the territory, and one of our own injured". Thinking back to what happen not long ago I remember Athena saying about going outside.

Rushing all the way to the stairs I threw myself over the ledge and dropped down landing swiftly on my feet. Not wasting another second I rushed to the door and right when I went to pull it open Leah beat me to it. She burst threw the door leaving it open breathing hard running pass me and to the kitchen mumbling to herself. I don't know what's going on but I soon found out when I hear the commotion coming from outside.

I see Jonas sprinting towards the house with a body in his arms with members and our friends right behind him. Each step he took my heart sped up fast then normal, I didn't know who he was carrying but I hope its not who I think it is. Taking a deep breath I manged to snap out of it just in time to see him and everyone else coming in the door. Stepping aside for them, they rushed to the kitchen where Leah was. Following them I see they set the unconscious body on the table.

As I got closer I smelt the blood before I seen it, and there she laid on the table unconscious surround by pack member. I look over and what I saw made my heart drop and eye wide with shock. Their she was with claw marks and gashes all over her arms and legs. I can't believe this is happening....I can't believe this happen to....Jasmine.

Everything was going in slow motion my mother was comforting pack members, Hazel and Leah were backed away watching the horrifying scene as Greyson was holding her head asking the pack doctor if she was okay. Jonas sat in a chair with his head in his hands. Going over to him I put a reassuring hand on his shoulder which he jumped up before turning around.

"Jonas do you know what happen?. Have you see Athena?". A flash of guilt ran pass his eyes as he looked back at Jasmine. He watched as pack members carried Jasmine to the infirmary along with the doctor and the Luna.

He turned around to me with a defeat look. "I'm sorry Kaden I tried to help but it was too many of them Jasmine was trying to help her but she was not fast enough, I wasn't strong enough I don't deserve my title".

Now I was not understanding. "What the he'll are you talking about?".

He looked me straight in the eyes and said a sentence that me sink to my knees.

"She gone Kaden, he has her"

Opening my eyes I immediately groaned from the bright light shinning down on me. After adjusting my eyes I took a look around only to be met with an unfamiliar place and that's when the memories flooded back to me. Me. Kaden. Fight. Reject. Forest. Pain. Blackout.

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