Truths Out: III.22

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The feeling of being in a dark room with no light isn't exactly comfortable, and that's what I am doing right now, sitting in a dark room waiting for light, any light. For what seemed like forever I finally heard something, a voice whisper something to me.

"Hi, I am your wolf Misty."A voice I heard not too long ago said.

"And I am your guardian, Hope." A soft voice spoke.

I started to panic from not knowing where I am and why I am here.

"Who are you, why am I here?" I yelled out in the darkness.

"Calm down, you just passed out is all." The soft voice spoke out.

Taking a few needed breaths I am ready to talk again,"y-you said your my w-wolf and g-guardian?". I stuttered trying to comprehend what they just said.

"Yes, you are a breed of a wolf and a guardian, the first hybrid to ever walk the earth." One of them said.

Thinking about it for a moment I couldn't help what I did next, that's right I freakin screamed. I scream because I am wolf, because I am a guardian, because I am hybrid.

"Athena!" I heard my mom's voice yell. Does she know I passed out?.

Hearing my mom made me want to get out of this black hole I'm in. Standing up I started to run forward, trying to get somewhere but it felt like I was just running in place not going anywhere.

I am about to give up but seeing a little light up ahead I ran faster towards the light getting to the point where I couldn't see anymore from it blinding me. Suddenly I felt someone shaking my shoulders.

"Athena?!". Kaden's voice shouted.

Opening my eyes I see Kaden's muscular figure standing over me.

"What happen?" I asked sitting up on what seems to be a soft bed.

Jasmine was going to answer but was stopped from a door slamming open revealing my worried looking mom along with Kaden's parents. In a instant she was by my side.

"Are you okay?". She asked slowly.

"Yeah, I just had this weird dream where I was trapped in the dark and these voices told me I was the first hybrid." I say looking around at the faces.

Looking back to my mom I see that she had this guilty look on her face and only then I noticed something white on her back. Leaning over a bit I couldn't believe what I was seeing, she had huge white wings.

Pulling back I looked at her with wide eyes.

"What are you?". I whispered

She stood up looking down at me,"I will explain everything to everyone but not here,"She looked towards Eros,"Is the meeting room still sound proof?". She asked.

"Yes of course, follow me," He says walking out with Maria by his side and my mom following them.

I was getting up when I felt a arm wrap around my waist.

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