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I woke up to grey light shining on my face from the cloudy skies as the sun tried to peak through but the clouds wasn't having it

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I woke up to grey light shining on my face from the cloudy skies as the sun tried to peak through but the clouds wasn't having it.

Rolling over in kaden's locked arms around my waist I came face to face with a hard defined chest. Looking up at the owner of the chest I had to suck in a breath. Just thinking about how this is all mine made me want to just giggle like a school girl.

'How can I be so blessed?'.

Reaching up I traced his face features with the slightest touch of my fingers until they stopped on his lips.

'So handsome'. I thought.

'And your so gorgeous' Kaden's deep voice rang in my mind.

I sat up a little staring at him with a confused face. Slowly Kaden blessed me with his hypnotizing eyes as they fluttered open from his sleep.

"How did you do that?".

He chuckled, "You marked me and I marked you, our souls are bound together forever which means we can communicate with each other telepathy , so no matter what life you or me are in we will always find each other". He spoke the mouthful of words in a deep sleepy voice.

I had my thought process and after I am satisfied with his answer.

"Sounds good". I spoke.

He scoffed, "Better than good". He said hovering over me flipping me on my back.

"Great?". I tried with a goofy smile.

He leaned down and planted kisses on my neck until his lips were directly hovering over my mark sending chills through me as his breathe blew against it.

"Awesome?". I tried again.

"Wrong". He mumbled before he oh-so-slowly kiss my mark. The pleasure slowly course through me and I had to bite my lip from the moan that wanted to come out.

"Amazing". I said in a daze.

Kaden stoped with his deadly kisses and looked up at me with a smirk.

"Correct". He said and was off of me in a flash, now standing up and walking off to the bathroom.

"Kaden" I whined.

Before closing the door to the bathroom he looked back with a wink.

"Don't worry babe, we'll finish this later". A blush is now permanently on my face.


"I have an announcement to make". Eros spoke as he and Maria stood before us in the dinning room getting the attention of everyone stopping their breakfast.

"Today is the day that I hand Kaden my son, the official title of Alpha". Claps burst throughout the room as pack members cheered.

Kaden stood seated in shock as Eros and Maria smiled down at him. Using my finger I poked his side gaining his attention.

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