Truths out:II.21

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After leaving the house this morning I went to the shopping mall to pick up a sound system Athena wanted for her game room. After driving for about twenty five minutes I finally reached the mall to get her birthday present.

After loading it in he car I drove back to the house to set it up, knowing Athena would be at school right about now. I entered the house holding the heavy box with ease. I walked in a little further but stopped when I smelt a scent that I didn't recognize.

I set down the box and walked in the kitchen, seeing the note I wrote to Athena. I picked it up and pulled it to my nose, sniffing it, it smelt like Athena but mixed with a scent I know too well. The second I set the note down I felt my inner guardian scream at me.

'It's Athena!, something's wrong!'. Hannah my inner guardian screamed.

In a flash I was outside in the backyard which is the forest running pass trees. In a seconds my wings sprouted and I took off in the morning sky, using my connection with Athena to try to find her.

I felt a strong pull towards a direction I've avoided since I moved back here, but right now I didn't care, I just wanted to get to Athena.

In less than a minute I was could see the house that brought back so many happy memories of me,Henry,Eros and Maria. After keeping out of the pack's view of me, I finally landed on a tall tree branch where I can see all throughout the house.

Seeing Athena's unconscious sate being held in Kaden's arms while he walks to the front door of his house with his friends and Maria and Eros with him.

I couldn't wait any longer, I jumped up from the tree flying upwards into the cool sky, once high enough I dropped back down tucking my wings in, gaining speed I guided myself towards Kaden , once close to the ground I spread my wings out just in time to see Kaden look toward me, dipping down I reached my arms out grabbing Athena in my arms.

After having her in my arms I felt my worried guardian calm down a bit, I broke from my thoughts about my guardian from a loud growl that's sounded like thunder, looking down I saw Kaden's worried wolf looking directly at me.

'It's time Sam, for Athena's sake, please tell the truth' Hannah begged me.

After thinking about it, I lowered myself down until my feet touched the ground still holding Athena in my arms. I covered myself and Athena body with my wings leaving my eyes uncovered.

"Who are you?" A boy with brown hair growled.

I ignored him and focused on the huge black wolf about to lunge at me.

"Shift Kaden, I'm not going to hurt Athena." I spoke softly.

I see his eyes change back to the green they once where, hearing his bones crack I looked away. In a couple seconds I heard a throat clear.

Looking with my wings still covering me I see most of his pack behind him growling and showing teeth. I look to my right and see Maria standing next to Eros looking at me carefully.

After taking deep breaths I slowly unraveled my wings from around me letting them hang behind me.

Hearing a some gasps coming from Maria, Eros, Kaden and some of the older pack members I looked at Maria who eyes where watering.

"Sam?". She whispered

"Maria". I say back to let her know I am really here.

Looking down I see Athena still unconscious in my arms, looking up I see Kaden staring at Athena as if She was going to disappear. After a sigh I stepped forward but stopped when I heard the pack growl at me.

"DON'T DISRESPECT THIS LUNA". The Eros I know growled causing them to shut their traps.

Giving him a nod in appreciation I stepped forward to Kaden holding out Athena for him to take. He looked hesitant about me but shook it off and grabbed Athena out of my arms, turning around and bringing her into the pack house along with his friends.

Turning to my bestfriend I was tackled in a huge group hug by Eros and Maria.

"I missed you guys so much". I sobbed.

"We missed you to, where have you been, I-i thought you died". My bestfriend cried.

Pulling away I see tears streaming down her face, wiping them with my fingers I held her head in my hands and looked at her seeing hurt, happiness and pain in her eyes swirled into one.

"I'll tell everyone everything, answer everyone's questions, but only when Athena wakes up I owe her that much". I spoke afraid she would hate me for lying to her, her whole life.

"Don't worry sa-". Eros started but was cut off by a scream I know too well.

"Athena!!". I yelled, running past pack members to the pack house with Maria and Eros behind me

Hey this chapter kinda sucked but the next chapter will be awesome, you wanna know why? . We get to finally find out the truth behind Sam and Athena!!!

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