Stay strong

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Another picture of Athena^^^

A week it has been at least I think it has, there are no windows in here but I try keep track of the hours. During these days I've experienced pain like no other, when I don't 'obey' which is most of the time, that monster has his witch do some type of voodoo stuff on me with her looking at me and I feel this pain in my head that feels like it's crushing my skull. Sometimes I just get thrown into a wall or they starve me just bring me a piece of bread and a cup of milk making me weaker than I'm already am.

I'm tired and haven't bathe since I got here, but I'm staying strong...mentally of course, I will not let this monster win, I will never submit to that bastard but day by day I can see his desire for me just by the little thing like touching me for way to long or forcing his lips on mine, I'm just thankful he has not done anything extreme.

A door opening broke me out of my thoughts, lifting my head I see about five built guys I've never seen before walk into the room with that witch I wish I can just strangle. The guys spread out around the room while she walked towards me, the only sound that was heard was her heels clicking against the ground. She stopped in front of me putting her hands on her hips and looking down at me while I glared at her to which she smirked to.

"We are going to transfer you to another room and if you don't obey the pain will come ten times harder than before". She spat going behind my sitting form and unlocking the chain from the wall so the chains are still on my ankles but not locked onto the wall. She grabbed my upper arm roughly pulling me up on my feet and started to walk and I compiled to walk with her.

We continued to walk until we were out of that room I've been kept in forever. I took in my surrounding of a long hall way that has concrete looks like we're underground?. The seconded we stoped for was came fast as she started to walk but I stayed rooted in my place smirking. She looked back at me and at the same time I punched her square in her jaw causing her to fall to the ground with a grunt. Everything was in slow motion now, as the five men ran toward me throwing jabs at me, I blocked most but I got hit a couple times. One of the men hissed at me showing two long fangs causing me to stop and eyes wide. These men are not men they are vampires!.

I was too frozen, one tackled me to the floor now showing his red eyes and long fangs, snapping me out of it I kicked him off getting up fast on my feet but I was soon knocked into a wall by something strong. When my back hit the wall I slid down my eyes closing automatically, when on the floor I see the witch get up and look at me with a death glare and that's when I felt the pain. After screaming for what felt like forever I saw black dots and welcomed the darkness that was clouding my vision.
Kaden p.o.v

Two weeks it has been without my mate, you could say I'm dying because I am, on the inside. Without her I just feel empty I can't do anything but look for her. For two weeks, since she was taken it's been non stop the trackers, some volunteers and me have been looking but her scent is gone and no has saw which way they went all except one...Jasmine but she has yet to wake up since that day, she's not in a coma and her wounds had healed perfectly, she's just doesn't want to wake up but only if she knew how much we need her right now.

Right now I'm sitting in the infirmary besides Jasmines bed who's still haven't woke up. The pack came and seen her and her mother is here everyday if she has not been convinced to go home and rest. The pack has been on edge and very concern if they're not worrying about Jasmine they're worrying about Athena. I'm worried about Athena but also Jasmine. She's like a sister to me, we were always close before her farther died and distant herself from everyone.

After sitting there for some hours I got up and headed to my office where her scent still lingered. I won't let anyone near my office so their scent don't over throw Athena's faint scent. I walked in and instantly inhaled feeling me and wolf relax into the chair.

Throwing my head back I thought about things, like how if I would just had showed her those damn papers she would still be here right now. Damn, damn, damn! . Thinking back to the after math of the confession of Athena missing it was in chaos!.

After everyone knew their future Luna was missing everyone was in a panic state and for the icing on the cake my mother called Sam to inform her, her daughter is missing and had been captured by Thanatos. She soon got here busting through the door and coming at me with full speed once she reached me she pinned me against the wall and held me their with glossy eyes.

"What happened!".
"You were suppose to keep her safe".
"Protect her".
"She's all I have left Kaden". She said yelling all the things I already know while whispering the last part to me before blacking out completely. After she woke up the next day she didn't say a word to anyone and walked out of the house slamming the door. I, my mom, and dad chased after her but once we reached the outside we saw her take off into the blue sky without saying a word. We haven't seen her since.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard a rough knock on my office door. Getting up I opened the door just enough for me to step out and step out her scent. Looking at the person who's knocked on the door my eyes widen and I automatically pulled her into a hug and apologize so many time I couldn't keep track. I pulled away and her face was blank but I could see she appreciated that.

"Where have you been Sam". I spoke for what seems like forever.

"That doesn't matter right now Kaden, I have just come to tell you that we will get Athena back and kill that bastard". She said with a fury clear in her eyes.

"I know sam but first we need to fin-". I was cut off mid sentence by her.

"Yes but we need more people to help us fight against him and his army, and I have helped". She spoke chin raised.

Confused I shifted on my feet not knowing what she's going to say after this question."what are you talking about?".

She gave me a look and stared me straight in the eye. She smirked a little before she answered. "The Red-moon pack has returned".

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