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Returning to school was I could say....awkward?. Walking in the halls with Kaden, hazel and Greyson on my right and Jasmine, Leah, and Joe on my left caused many heads to turn and stare. Most bowed their heads in respect to their Alpha.

Brushing off all the eyes that are on me I walked right up to my locker putting in the combination. Opening the locker I found it stuffed with bears and those little balloons on a stick saying happy birthday. Tuning around to my friends seeing their grinds made me smile.

"That's all the stuff we had for your birthday but didn't get a chance to give it to you that day due to.... you know". Greyson said wrapping his arms around hazels waist.

"Aww thanks you guys...but where are my books".

"Their all in my locker, so we will be sharing mine for today". Kaden stated with a huge smirk.

"Of course, well off to your locker then".

After going to Kaden's locker and getting my books the bell rang. Kaden of course walked me to my first period after trying to get him to leave but wouldn't listen. Reaching for the class door handle I was pulled back and roughly pushed up against the wall near the classroom.

"What no goodbye kiss?". Kaden said with his smirk looking down at me. In that same moment he ducked his head down to reach my lips and crashed his against mine. I instantly responded back smiling into the kiss. I felt his hands travel down my body causing that sensation to start again. Just as I was going to wrap my arms around him a  loud screeching noise came from everywhere in the hall causing me to break the kiss and put my hands on my ears.

After a couple of seconds the sound stopped. Taking my hands off my ears I looked at Kaden and he just stood there staring at me as if I was dumb.

"What?. Didn't you hear that noise?".

"Yeah I did. It was the bell to signal that class has started". A duh tone in his words.

Confusion crossed my face. "Really? Why was it so damn loud?".

He stood for a moment thinking before realization was in his eyes. After a couple of seconds he started laughing....yeah laughing to the point were he had to use the wall for support to hold him up. After I let him have his fun he sobered up wiping his watered eyes.

"I'm sorry for laughing but it was too funny".

"What was?". I responded standing a impatient stance.

"Well since you just recently found out your a werewolf you really haven't learned to control your senses like hearing, smelling, sight and more. So not controlling it makes things smell stronger, seeing clearer, and hearing louder". He said laughing a bit at the end.

It all makes sense now everything about me are advanced. But that's still doesn't mean he is off the hook for laughing at me....I'll get him back later.

"Okay so to stop hearing for much just block out what I don't want and focus on what I do want the same goes with seeing and smelling right?".

"Exactly, don't worry my dad is calling a meeting after school at the pack house for training, your mom will be there to". He said.

"Hey!, you kids get to class". The janitor who's is human from his scent yelled.

Realizing what he said I quickly gave Kaden a peck on the lips and entered class.

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