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The trees rocked back and forth as the wind blew and the sun was at its highest in the blue sky peaking its light through the trees Kaden and I walked under hand in hand. In this moment I felt at peace, no worries, no fear, no thinking about the future, just peace. I wish it could stay like this forever but I just know for a fact a storm is coming.

As we walked down the path were prisoners are held I noticed Kaden hasn't said much, but then again neither have I. I don't know if it's the peaceful setting is the reason he doesn't want to talk or he's just in deep thought but he hasn't spoke a word.

Soon my hand started to tighten from Kaden's iron grip, his eyes were furrowed and he had a look of fury for an expression.

"Kaden are you okay". I spoke softly and slow for him to calm down which worked.

"Uh yeah, it's just...". He couldn't say the words and I think I already know what this is about.

"Kaden I-I". I chocked on my words as my voice caught in my throat.

He stopped walking and turned me to face him. "Look we'll talk about what happen later, now let's just go see this back stabbing prick and get some answers". He spoke sternly leaving no room for argument.

I nodded and looked straight ahead to see two men standing in a clearing with dead grass, no life. We walked towards them and soon I see a round metal circle laying on the ground behind the two men.

"Alpha, Luna". They bowed their head in respect and moved aside.

Standing there confused Kaden steps forward and lift the heavy metal with ease. Revealing what under the metal I see now a ladder leading down into pitch black nothingness.

So they have a secret tunnel....cool.

"Watch your step, please". Kaden said as he started to climb down the ladder with me following after him. The ladder wasn't very long and soon I am on a cold hard ground. Turning around from the ladder I am welcomed to the view of a very large open space with cells of silver bars on the left and right side having a pathway in the center.

The smell hits my nose shortly after I scan the place...it smells of unwashed bodies and......fear.

"Stay close". Kaden instructed as he began to walk forward with me directly behind him. As we step into the lit open space my eyes scan the empty cells we pass but as we walk further down the path there are cells that held prisoners but to my surprise they are not brutally beaten or scrawny from not being fed, they are well taken care of for prisoners.

Up ahead I hear grunts of pain and a small scream. Mom, Eros, and Maria stood there staring at Alex who is now on the floor cradling his now burned hands.

'Sliver bars' Hope spoke.

"There is no way out of this Alex, so talk". Eros said in a deep scary voice.

Alex shook in fear while sitting criss cross on the ground. We now stood by each other watching silently at Alex.

Alex head hung down as he took in deep breaths.

'The sliver weakness him'.

"I can't tell you anything". He slumped down in shame.

"Why". Kaden growled.

Alex paused "he'll kill him".




"My mate". The pain behind his voice was raw and unbearable to hear.

There is silence amongst us, no one knew what to say.

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