I Love You.25

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Getting up in only shorts to use the bathroom I brush my teeth and do my business. Coming out I see my beautiful mate sitting at the edge of the bed. Looking up at me she got up and came towards me, once in reach she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down so she can reach my lips. Once her lips touched mine I felt myself losing control, grabbing her waist I held her in place while she bit my bottom lip asking for entrance which I immediately gave to her wanting a taste.

Both wanting more she jumped up and me helping her out I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist without braking the intense kiss. Her and mine moans filling the room.

Walking over to bed I laid both of us down with me on top. She pulled away braking the kiss, sitting up she took off her shirt exposing her bare chest. Laying back down she pulled me down back into the kiss now feeling intense sparks spread throughout me.

Braking the kiss I moved down to her neck sucking and nipping at her exposed skin while using my hand to cup her breast. Moaning out loud she ran her hands in my hair only tugging on it when I suck on her sweet spot. Grinding her hips on my manhood took the little control I had left.

Feeling my already black eyes turn to bright gold.

"Kaden". She moaned out.

Feeling my canines extend I sucked on the spot making sure it was the right one before sinking them into her skin. She screamed out for a second before it turn into panting and moaning. Licking the spot over making sure it will heal properly. I marked her.

Pulling away I felt my eyes turn back into my once green ones. Looking down at Athena I looked her directly in the eye and said the three words I've been dying to say.

"I love you Athena".

She had this blank expression on her face that I couldn't read before she leaned up and whispered "Wake up".
After she said that it was like I was being pulled away from her, I tried running toward her but I wasn't going anywhere.

After a while I heard her voice.

"Kaden wake up."

Opening my eyes I took in my surroundings to see I'm in my room and a dressed Athena sitting on the side of me. I could of sworn her shirt was not there a second ago.

Sitting up and resting my head of the headboard I rub my tired eyes.

"You kept groaning and moving in your sleep", She says with a weird expression on her face.

Sleep?!. It was a damn dream. It was a great one at that.

"Oh". Was all I said before getting up and going to the bathroom once in I looked down seeing I desperately needed a cold shower asap.
(Athena P.O.V)

I can't believe it. My mind won't let me believe it. What Kaden said in his sleep keeps replaying in head.

I love you Athena, I love you Athena, I love you Athena.

Does he really mean that I mean I know he said it in his sleep but I just can't get the question out of mind.

'Kaden loves us', Misty and Hope said in a union.

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