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Three weeks it's been since the date Kaden and I went on. That upcoming Monday he picked me up for school and we walked hand & hand together in the building. I got some envy glares from girls, as Kaden got high fives. When I told the girls the next day after the date they practically made me go deaf saying that they new it all along and such.

I'm happy with Kaden he brings out something inside me I don't know what it is but it's like when he's around something wakes up and is dying to get out. So far we've been hanging out every weekend just wanting to be in each other's presence.

These three weeks has been the best to me in every kind of way although my mother has been acting very strange. She been working me hard to train saying that I need to be able to protect myself at all times. She comes in later than usual saying that she's working over time. I don't believe what she's saying, it's like she trying to fight off something and she's losing.

I awoke from my thoughts when I hear a horn honk from outside my house. I walk outside in some blue jeans a regular white shirt with my matching white converse. I get in the car to greet Kaden with a kiss.

"Ready?" He ask as I pull my seat belt on.

"Yup to the ice cream shop we go." I laughed out, Kaden chucked from beside me and I can't help but smile at that.

We arrive at the ice cream shop in less than ten minutes. Kaden orders chocolate ice cream while I order strawberry shortcake ice cream. We take a seat at a booth and I dig in right away. I hear laughter so I look up to see a amused Kaden watching me.

"Is it good?". He laughed as I shot him a glare.

"Aww is someone upset." He said with a baby tone lace in his voice.

"Kaden if you don't shut up right now I'm going to tell everyone how you were singing along to Beyoncé." I said as I help up my phone to show him a video I took of him.

He stopped laughing as his face paled. "You wouldn't." He gasped out while narrowing his eyes at me.

"Oh I would, it would totally take away your 'manly power' as you put it." I put danger in my words as I swayed the phone in front of his face. He went to grab it but I was fast enough to take my hand back.

He huffed before mumbling something I couldn't hear.

"What was that Mr. Smith?" I say as I cuffed my ear to annoy him.

"I said I'm sorry it won't happen again." He says with an annoyed expression.

"That's what I thought." I laughed while he simply just glare at me.

We sat there eating ice cream and talking after he tried to make me delete the video but it wasn't going to happen and he knew that so that's why he dropped the subject.

"Iwantedtoaskyouifyouwantedtocomeovermyhousetomeetmyfamilyandtohavedinner." He says so darn fast I couldn't make out one word of it.

"Kaden how about you take a breath and slowly tell me what you want to tell me." I said slowly for him to understand. He nodded but I could tell he was nervous from him rubbing the back of his neck.

"I uh wanted to ask you I-if you could come over to my house to um have dinner and uh meet my um .... parents?". He said slowly like I asked him to. I sat there staring at him with nothing to say. I couldn't meet his parents. I mean why do I have to meet his parents? Do they want to meet me? What would I wear?

"Athena, it okay you don't have too go if you don't want to." He try's to reason with me but I could see the hurt look on his face when he said it.

I sighed out loud before answering him "No it fine, I would love to have dinner with your parents." After I said that he couldn't hold back the smile that was on his face which of course made me smile.

After we finished up our ice cream Kaden dropped me off at my house to get ready for the dinner. It was only two thirty and he said he would pick me up at seven so I had time.

I called the girls and they're going to help me get ready, well Jasmine and Leah are, Hazel can't make it because she is going to dinner with Greyson. Jasmine and Leah would be here at three thirty so that gives me time to take a shower.
(SAMANTHA P.O.V) Athenas mom ⬅️

I walked into the forest thinking how I can keep my pack safe.

Henry I wish you were here with me

I kept walking getting deeper and deeper in the forest making sure no one sees me. Athena would hate me if she found out I didn't tell her what I am. When I thought I was safe from anyone's eyes I let my white wings sprout from my back until they were dragging behind me as I walked.

I jumped up into the sky and flew off as fast as I can to make it to Alaska. Within minutes I have arrived at my packs border. I heard growling which meant one of the teens was patrolling the border since they don't know who I am. The teens here are way to young to remember that awful war which caused me to loose Henry Athena's father.

I heard a familiar strong mans voice boom with authority. "Tyler stand down now, that's our Luna your growling at." Once said that the wolf which I know now name is Tyler whimper before bowing to me.

I crossed the border line and I felt happy all over again to be with my pack. I walked up to Tyler and patted its head before turning to the direction of the familiar voice. I gasped when I saw his face, it made tears come to my eyes. I walked forward until I was looking up at his 6'0 frame. He had a sad smile on his face telling me that's he missed me to. I jumped into his arms which shocked him but he caught me and hugged me like I was going to disappear.

We stopped hugging and I took a few moments trying to calm myself down.

"I missed you so much James, how is the pack doing?" I spoke out with a raspy voice.

"There doing fine Luna, how is Athena I haven't seen her sine that day." He says which caused me to smile.

"Oh James enough with calling me luna, you are my bestfriend and beta so stop it." I said with a laugh. He soon joined me in laughing until it died down.

"Well it's good to see you smile Sam, I haven't seen it in a while, that reminds me is he still there?" He asks turning serious.

I sighed before answering,"Yes he is, I had to fight off some of his rouges who caught me but one got away, now that he knows I'm still living he will come after me." James face turned into anger before he hit a near by tree.

"The pack will fight by your side, he took so much from us already we want revenge, but I have to ask what about Athena."

"What about Athena."

"How will she protect herself from him?"

"I won't even let him near her, I'll Guard her with my life, I made Henry that promise." I said with determination.



Oooh that was a good chapter I have so many questions I need answers to 😏😏 *evil laugh*

- Who is this he they keep talking about?

-How is the dinner with kadens parents going to go?

-How does Sam (Athenas mom) have a pack?

-WHAT type of supernatural is Sam?

- Is Athena the Same as her mom?

Until next time my beautiful readers

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