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Darkness. That's all I could see, I couldn't feel or hear anything. I could only look forward into the darkness and the more I look I could feel myself get lost going deeper and deeper. It felt like an eternity I was in here but that all came to an end when I heard a beeping noise machine-like and just like that I felt my whole world shift as if I was brought down to earth and into my body. All my senses came back in one and it wasn't a pleasant feeling as i felt pain everywhere, from head to toe but most of neck.

My eyes were still closed but I could tell someone was in the room with me. I don't recall anything, No memories as I racked my brain for some all I got was a fuzzy feeling. Knowing I won't get any answers pretending  to be sleep I tried to open my eyes but they felt like a ton, in fact my whole body felt like this like I was drained of all my energy. As time went by I finally got my eyes open but still couldn't see from the fog that covered my eyes I'm guessing from sleep. I blinked rapidly trying to rid of the fog faster and after a while, it cleared some for me to see.

I was in a dark room the only light to be seen was from a small window. It looked to be midday outside but couldn't really tell as the clouds were out. I looked around trying to figure out my surroundings there were two doors one straight across from me and one to the left of it. There was also a bed-stand next to me and it looked like I was in a hospital bed as it had all the bottoms on the side of the bed to lift the bed any way I want. The bed was sitting up high enough for me to see the room.

I heard a shuffle and a groan from the right side of me and there is a figure sitting in a chair who looks to be sleeping. Panic rose in me and I held my breath trying to be quiet as possible. The figure shifted in the uncomfortable chair trying to get comfortable but it was useless and the figure new that. Confused than ever before I tried once again to recall any memories and just like that they came flooding back to me.

Kaden. Kidnapping. Thanatos. Marking. Saving me. All of it came back me in one. I haven't noticed my breathing quicken and the figure got up so fast and before I knew it the lights were on and it revealed the figure to be a 6 foot something male with bags around his eyes and hair that was greasy and matted to his head, he has a little stubble growing out and red eyes from lack of sleep.

"Athena?". His voice. Oh my god his voice!

"Kaden" I said with a broken voice from lack of water.

My eyes burned from the light and my energy was drained I couldn't keep my eyes open for long. Kaden saw this and he reached his hand out to touch my cheek and then that's when I felt the most horrible pain I ever felt. I felt my like my skin was on fire and I had the urge to starch it all off. A screamed ripped out of me as my body went into shock. I started to see black dots and the last thing I have seen before I went to sleep is Kaden's horrified face and several faces I couldn't make out.

Have you ever went to sleep and dreamed off all of the memories you've made, good or bad? That's what's happening to me, I'm stuck in this endless blackhole that keeps replaying memory after memory. Everything that happened, me moving here, Kaden, the werewolf world, Thanatos. All of it just consumed me and all I felt was numbness and anger.

As the memories played I remember him leaving after he marked me and then I blacked out and when I woke up Kaden had me in his arms.

He is still alive! How could he had know they were coming?

How could I be so weak?. I let him mark me! I didn't fight hard enough, I'm suppose to be powerful, strong , smart but no I let my emotions cloud my judgement and walked right outside into Thanatos arms. I knew I was in danger, yet I was stupid. Ugh! I just wish this can end.

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