Darkness and light

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Jolting up out of my sleep I jumped to my feet pushing the covers off my naked body. Grabbing anything I could find I threw on my undergarments and clothes from last night that was scattered on the floor on and rushed to the door flying it open. Once the door was open I was met with smoke.

All it took was one word for the chaos to start.

As Kaden jumped out of his sleep I am already out of the room and downstairs seeing the walls in flames as everyone is blinded by dark smoke.

The house is filled with shouts and screams, the shouts coming from parents and screams of fear from little children, my instincts are shut off as I stand in the middle of the room watching everything go in slow motion.

Everyone squirming their way out the door to outside safety from the flames, as parents carried their little ones away, as others that lived around the pack house came in and carried someone out who needed it.

A whimper to my left brought me back to reality, looking over in what I could see through the thick smoke a small body sat in the corner wrapped up in its own arms. As a wake-up call my instinct kicked in along with adrenaline as I made my way to the little body.

As I was reaching forward to the little body a loud crash was heard from behind me, looking over my shoulder a beam in flames is blocking my path to the front door. Not caring about that right now I turn forward and pick the small body up shielding it with my arms.

As I turned around I'm met with a mess full of hot flames as they were increasing in heat, I felt my skin begin to burn. Pushing the pain aside I had to come up with an exit plan seeing as we can't use to front the door I headed to the back of the house for another.

"Athena!". My name was screamed from the mouth of my mate as I felt his worry.

As I was nearing the back of the house I passed by a window, it's narrow but long. Without wasting any more time I elbowed the glass and it shattered instantly. A coughing body from my arms had me panic as I quickly but gently tossed the little body out the window as it was starting to get hard to breathe.

As my lungs started to burn from the all the coughing and smoke I quickly made my way out the window and into fresh air. Once on the ground cool cold air greeted me cooling down my burning lungs.

With leaves stuck to me, I rolled over and searched for the child I had tossed out earlier. Laying there was a brown headed girl coughing and crying at the same time.

As I got up to go to her fast footsteps was approaching us, on instinct, I sped to the crying girl and held her behind me as I stood in a defense stance growling out in warning.

The footsteps stopped and all that is heard is the burning house. The little girl started to cry once more as she buried her face in my shirt.

"Angela?!". A worried voice spoke out coming in the same direction of the footsteps.

The voice seemed to make the little girl stop crying as she removed her face from my back and came by my side.

"Momma". She cried.

The footsteps hurried and in a flash there stood a woman with brown hair and brown eyes who has a relief expression seeing the little girl now named Angela.

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