Crying, Love, Desire

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"Human" by Christina Perri ~ cover by Skylar Stecker
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(Athena p.o.v)

Jolting up out of my sleep with a racing heart and a foggy mind I had to force myself to remember what happen. All the memories came crashing on me in a instant, instantly I reached my hand to the left side of my neck to feel absolutely nothing, moving to the other side my fingers danced across puffy skin that sent pleasurable shivers down my back.

Getting up off the bed I felt my legs wiggle underneath me due from not walking for who knows how long, standing there for a while my legs got use to my weight as I looked around and realized I'm standing in Kaden's room that held his warming scent as I inhaled. Eye widening I now realized I had my sense of smelling back...... now thinking about it all of my senses are back, in fact I feel so much better.....stronger, the sickly feeling is finally gone.

'I'm glad to be back'. Misty's voice rang through my head.

Joy filled me from the sound of her voice. 'I could say the same, where's hope?'.

'Present'. She laughed.

Blocking them out I started my awkward walk to the bathroom where I faced a mirror that held a girl that looks perfectly healthy staring right at me. Taking a disbelieving step further I moved my knotted greasy hair as I tilted my head to the right were the bastards mark WAS but nothing was there, almost like it never existed.

Turning my attention to my dirty skin and knotted hair I realized I am in desperate need of a shower. Walking over to the shower I turned the hot water on and once I heard the water hit the tile shower floor it is like I'm by myself in my own world, were no one could find me. Stripping out of my clothes that consisted of a plain white tank top and cotton shorts I see now the mirror is foggy from the steam that filled the bathroom.

Walking into the hot water felt amazing I instantly felt my muscles relax under the water, pulling my head under the shower water I immediately closed my eyes but soon regretted it. My mind replayed what happened, from Kaden's and I argument up to all the events that lead me here, I could still feel it; his hands running all over my body, how he use to tell me how he would brake me by killing Kaden, my mom, everyone, how he would force his lips on mine all of it.

Grabbing the sofa that hung in front of me and a green bottle of Irish spring I squeezed a good amount into the sofa and started scrubbing my body roughly trying to scrub him away, from my mind and body. As I scrubbed my skin until it turns red I hadn't realized I'd been crying as my tears mixed with the water. It was a overwhelming feeling as I felt sobs racking my body, so overwhelming I fell to the floor bringing my knees to my chest letting it all out as the water poured over me.

I don't know why I am crying, I think I just need to let out all the emotions I'm feeling anger, sadness,, if that makes sense. The love I have for these people I met months ago is unreal and it's terrifying to know they could be killed just for a Point to be shown, such a selfish reason. As I cleansed my dark thoughts and sad emotions I promised myself no more feeling bad for myself, no more crying, I will fight for what I love and we will win against him.

Once all my tears went down the drain with the rest of the water and my eyes started to hurt I finished my body and hair cleaning which felt amazing to finally get to wash my hair. Wrapping a white fluffy towel around me that was hanging up on a rack I stepped out of the bathroom and walked over to Kaden's closet seeing as it was my only option.

I grab some of these royal blue cotton shorts and a plain black shirt along with some boxer . Drying off I throw on the boxers and knee cut off shorts, they were big on me but I tied the shorts strings so they can't fall off along with the huge black shirt. Before I made a move to leave the closet I looked down at my bare feet, quick thinking I grabbed a clean pair of socks so my feet won't get dirty at-least.

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