Hell on Earth

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*Beep. Beep. Beep*

I slammed my fist down on the alarm clock until I feel little metal under my hand looking over, I remove my hand and to my surprise the clock was broken in little pieces.

'Did I slam on it that hard?'.

I pick the pieces up and throw them away in the trash can next to the bed, along the way I see a paper with my moms handwriting.

Have a great day at school sweetheart,

I'll be home around midnight and school starts at eight sharp so don't be late!

Xoxo mom.

I look at the clock on my phone reading seven fifteen, I quickly walk to the closet and picked out an outfit to fit a first day look. After looking over myself in the mirror I apply little to no makeup which is lip gloss and mascara.

I look at the time and it reads seven-thirty, rushing I grab my bag and ran down the stairs and out the door but not before grabbing an apple. I quickly put my helmet on and get on my ninja 650 ABS motorcycle.

I speed down the driveway and onto the street feeling the wind hit against my helmet as I have nothing but a free road as I make my way to school. Adding up the minutes in my head I know it is close to eight so I speed up passing the street limit and flying passing school gate making my engine roar getting everyone attention not that I cared.

I get off the bike after cutting the engine and take my helmet off shaking my hair out. I hear the gaps and whisper from the onset people standing around the school like guards.

I brush off all the stress and whispers as I am about to walk into the school until I heard a screech like voice.

"Hey that's my parking spot!" The voice shouts, I slowly turn around and smirk.

Well this should be fun!

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