His Legendary Mate

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Three months has passed after the fight and things are looking up for us. We finally graduated high school but with major help, let's just say if the school district wasn't run by werewolves we would of been super seniors.

Kaden's home is just getting done being finished as pack members begin to fill it with new furniture. Everyone is busy arranging the house and getting it in order for the ceremony that's happening in a few minutes.

Tonight history will be made for Redwood and Red-moon pack as they are going to be combined after I accept the role as Alpha. I can't say that I am not nervous because I am, I just wish my mom was here.

I'm dealing with her death as every day passes, some days I miss her so much I'll isolate myself from everyone but I have Kaden and gang to help me through it which they have tremendously.

"What is going on in that head of your girlie." I am brought out of thoughts as Hazel curls my hair in Kaden's and I room.

I look into the eyes of jasmine who is standing off to the side staring at me.

I shrug the best I could while getting my hair done, "How things has been these last few months."

The room grow quite for a split second before the should of crunching is heard in the far back corner.

Hazel stopping what she is doing turns around, "Are they good, Leah." She joked.

Leah looked up from her bag of lays placing another chip in her mouth before we all laughed at her. It was becoming natural seeing now, Leah always eating every chance she got.

"Your always eating Leah, what's going on with you." Jasmine questions as she plays with her nails.

Looking at Leah through the mirror I see her tense up at the question which has me frown.

"Uh-I uhh." Just as Hazel went to question her a knock is at the door.

"Athena, are you ready because everything is done for the ceremony." Maria questioned outside the door.

"Yeah she is almost really, just another ten minutes." Hazel yelled.

"Okay but I will be back in exactly ten minutes."

Hazel finished the last curl just then and rushed me into the closet telling me to hurry. I grab the white dress and pulled it on having it stop above my knees.

'We should have our wings out, to show are power.' Hope spoke in a powerful voice.

She has been like that since that day really strong headed and powerful.

I thought about is for a second before closing my eyes picturing my wings letting them fall out which is easy seeing as I been practicing the last few months.

"Hurry up before Luna Maria comes and have our heads." Leah said just as I came out of the closet.

I turn to the girls to see them slightly bowing to me.

"Oh please don't bow, you are my girls." I said pulling all of them into a hug which has them all chuckle.

A knock at the door has us break away, "I'm coming in ready or not."

Maria walks in stoping in her tracks as she sees me, slowly she makes her way to me eyes glued to my face.

The girls slowly make their way out the door giving my a thumbs up before shutting the door.

"You look just like her, I know it's been three months but it feels like I haven't seen her in years." She spoke eyes glistening with unleashed tears.

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