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"Nooooo!" Athena loud scream filled the air as she emerged from the tress in a rush. Flapping against the wind she flashed to Thanatos knocking him into a near by tree before diving to her mother in need.

My heart sunk to my stomach as I watch my mom take slow breaths trying to get oxygen.

"Mom." I cried moving my hands to the dagger, "We need to get this out." I spoke with my eyes full of unleashed tears.

I watched as she stared at me not moving, I would have thought she stopped breathing if I haven't heard her slow breaths.

"Mom." I shook her shoulders trying to get her to respond to me, "We need to get Elizabeth o-or someone so you can heal, m-maybe if we pull it out you'll be all better I mean you'll be alright, right mom. You'll be okay for me..okay, I need you to get up so we can go home and get better."

Tears slowly made their way down her face as she put her hand to my cheek cradling it.

I moved to the touch and closed my eyes as I let my tears fall freely.

"Listen to me......it's my time to go now." I hear her whisper.

"No please, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry mom just stay with me."

She gave me a sad smile, "I've been wanting to go for a long time. I miss my mate and I wouldn't leave you without knowing you had someone to look after you."

"No, I need you mom please don't go, I can't live with it".

"I'm sorry but I need to be selfish this once, I hope you can forgive me"

'She wants to be free from this world, and she won't go without without your forgiveness. Let her go Athena it'll be alright'

I laid her down and held tight onto her hand as tears came like a wave.

"I love you mommy." I cried, "Say hi to daddy for me will ya."

A cry came from her, "I love you Athena, you are....the... best thing...that has ever....happen..to me."

A strangled couch came from mom as I cried and squeezed her hand tighter. With tears streaming down my face I grabbed onto the dagger and pulled it out with such force causing a cry from her.

"I forgive you". I spoke numbly watching her take her last few breaths before she went limp on the ground.

I sat their watching her dead body in disbelief and numbness. Suddenly I felt a hot rage, it was everywhere like my body is on fire but it felt good. Without thinking to much about it I embraced it letting it hit me with such force.

I didn't feel anything but power, I felt in control and strong. I felt something open in me unleashing a darkness that drowned  me until I could no longer fight it but accept it.

Hearing a groan brought me back to earth, looking over to a tree Thanatos is getting up from the ground. Subconsciously I look over to my mom and see her body turning deathly white. Red clouded my vision as I gracefully walk over to Thanatos until I stood right in front of him.

"Athena you got your wing-". His voice was cut off as he put his hand to his chest coughing in pain.

"You will pay." I spat three voices causing his eyes to widen.

My body seems to know what it's doing as my right hand raised and curled my fingers into a claw position as if it's pulling something.

Thanatos let out a cry as his knees gave out and fell to the floor clutching his chest.  Soon a black dust slowly started to pull from his chest to my hand forming together in a ball floating above my hand.

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