Truths out: I.20

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After two weeks it's the day before my birthday and right now me and the gang just got out of school and is heading over to the 'pack house' they call it, to just chill and hang out.

We pulled up to the house in ten minutes to find something extremely funny. Eros getting yelled at I think because he stepped on Maria's flowers she planted. So now here we are standing side-by-side in front of the house watching the whole thing go down.

I feel sparks on my hand, looking down I see Kaden's hand intertwine with mine, looking up I see a big smile on his face.

"We should get inside". Hazel said pulling us from our trance.

We all walked in the house going to the kitchen.

"Where are we watching the movie"?. I asked sitting down in a chair next to Greyson.

"The screen room duh". Jonas said in a duh tone.

"You guys have a screen room?". The shock written over my face.

"Yup". Jasmine said popping the 'p'.

The guys grabbed the snacks from out the kitchen, while us girls are heading to the screen room. After turning down halls left and right we finally made it to two double doors.

"Welcome to the screen room!". Hazel and Jasmine said together each grabbing a door and swinging it open.

I walked inside to see a huge screen t.v with large recliner couches that look like mini beds.

"Whatcha think?". Leah asked. I turned around facing all three of them.

"It's awesome, way better than a game room". I stated.

"So what movie do you gals wanna pick for the guys?". Jasmine said with a evil smirk on her face.

"As fun as that sounds I need to pee so freakin bad, where's the bathroom?". After getting directions to the bathroom I found it only getting lost once.

I did my business and came out the bathroom to see Sasha standing across from it.

"I didn't know you were a werewolf?".

"Yeah well I'm not some pathetic human like you." She spat.

The way she talked to me made me feel disrespected in a way , I just wanted to deck her in the face.

"And I'm not some mutt like you." I spat back

"Listen here bitch, I only came here to tell you to stay away from Kaden or else." She says getting closer in my face.

Her words snapped something inside me causing me to step forward so we were only a couple inches apart.

"Kaden is mine, got that? Besides he doesn't want some piece of trash anyway." I say with venom in my voice on full display for her to hear.

I didn't wait for a response after that, I walked back to the screen room to see Kaden leaning on the door with a smirk in his face.

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