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(SAM P. O. V) *if you forgot who Sam is it's Athena's mom.

You know that feeling when your heart is in your stomach and your brain is going crazy with bad thoughts that has your heart beating a thousand miles per minute.

That's me right now while I'm gliding the dark morning sky searching for the only thing that is keeping me here on this earth without my mate.

As I continue searching the sky with the four a.m. sky light to help me to see along with the burning pack house I see a brutal fight beneath me between Kaden's and I packs against the rogues. Although there are many rogues the Redwood pack is holding their own, along with my pack.

Suddenly I feel pain that causes me to lose strength in my wings to hold me up. In a second I'm falling feeling the cold wind hit against my face.

I fought against the wind trying to even my wings out again but the pain comes back and it feels like my head is about to explode.


When I entered the trees I closed my eyes waiting for impact but it never came, slowly I opened my eyes and I see Elizabeth along with Elijah with there arms outstretched towards me pushing out purple ripples. I look down and see I'm an inch from touching the leafy ground.

"We're going to put you down now". Elijah spoke and let his hands drop along with Elizabeth.

I dropped to the ground and stayed there for a minute trying to soothe my head from the pain I just experienced.

"Are you okay?." Elizabeth said as she and Elijah ran over to me helping me up. As I was to speak I'm interrupted.

"Of course she is fine it was a simple mind spell, big deal but I see your daughter can handle it better than you." A sticky sweet voice said as a slim tall orange head woman emerged from the trees.

"What have you done?!" I yelled as I stared to walk towards her but am stopped by a hand which belong to Elizabeth.

I look toward Elizabeth but she is looking toward the women with disbelief and sadness. Confused I turn toward the woman who just smirks.

"Oh don't tell me you didn't talk about me dear sister.", She pouted "your Alpha looks really lost".

"Enough Zoe, this is between me and you so leave them out of it. What did you do with Athena?" Elizabeth said in a dark voice.

Zoe seem to not appreciate Elizabeth tone as she narrowed her eyes before a full blown smile placed its-self on her face. "Oh that was her name, she's in a really hot place burning in agony for her sins", She laughed.

"What did you do?"

Zoe has the most evil smile on her face as she looks to us, "Let's put it this way......I enjoyed her screams and pleads for her mommy who couldn't save her".

With that statement I felt a heavy feeling in my chest as I seen Elizabeth shoot her purple rays towards her sister who did the same combining her orange with her sisters.

I stood still not moving trying to comprehend what she said. It can't be true can it? I mean I would have felt it if she really died not unless she is still alive.

With a mind of their own my feet moved towards the trees fast with a mission of finding Athena.


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