Big bad wolf

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(Witch p.o.v) NOT ELIZABETH! (After marking)

I was in masters chambers when he stormed in with a satisfied look. Getting up I walked over swaying my hips over to him, he met me halfway and pressed his lips on mine roughly, just how I like it. He pulled away as if he was burned and pushed me away like I was nothing.

"I've already marked my queen Zoe, no more of this, not unless I say so understand". He said.

I bowed my head and mumbled a 'yes master'. Straightening up I watched him pull out his phone and dial a number before putting it up to his ear. I stood their fuming while watching him, how dare he say that to me!. She took him away from me! Acting as if she doesn't want him, that home wrecker!.

Containing my anger was the best thing right about now as I felt my eyes turn a bright yellow. As I almost completely calmed down when master got off the phone and now walking out the chambers and into a hallway, following him he continued to walk until he stopped to open the door that showed the grey sky and trees swaying but the strong wind.

As we stepped out I saw a black BMW waiting at the end of the steps he walked towards the car and opened one of the passenger door s while motioning me to come along. Once in the car Abby Thanatos right hand man-women thing started the car and drove down the path.

After silence I spoke. "Where are we going, what about that bitc- uh your queen".

Thanatos smirked in my direction before turning his attention back to his phone. I looked out the window to see the pack of dogs running throughout the forest following the car.

"Were leaving and never returning, out location has been compromised". He spoke.

I was confused as ever now and thats something that doesn't happen often. He sense that because I heard him sigh before putting down his phone.

"The battle is coming soon Zoe and that's where I will destroy the Redwood pack and that pathetic pack I should of killed a long time ago, my sources say sam brought her pack out of hiding, that bitc*!". He said getting upset all over again.

"Then I'll finally have Athena to myself". He said while breaking out into a smile which I can't help but smile to.

"Master, why are we leaving without your prisoner". I spoke curious.

Thanatos hissed at me and I quickly back out. Quickly I bowed my head and mumbled 'sorry master'.

"She is not a prisoner!" He growled

"Come here". He said calming down. I obeyed his orders and scooted over by his side. He brings his hand up and stroke my hair as I laid my head on his chest.

"To answer your question darling, they are on their way here to get her, my sources are never wrong. When they come and get her they'll think they have won and their guard will be down and that's when we will strike. I will slaughter both of those packs, I have learned the only way to brake her is to brake her loved ones, when we're there and she is witnessing her mate, mother, friends die she will brake and be weak. Everything she once had will be destroyed and everything will be much easier after that. She will bare my child and her and I will rule the supernatural world". He said continuing to stroke my head.

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