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"Well first question is, why did you all lie to me, Didn't you trust me enough to keep your secret?". I ask my voice filled with hurt.

No one spoke a word, I looked a Jasmine seeing her eyes on the person next to me, I looked over and see Kaden looking down.

"Kaden, you told them not to tell me?". I turned towards him not worrying about the people around me.

He looked up and stared into my eyes with a painful expression.
"Yes, I told them not to tell you."

"Why?, do you not trust me." I ask backing up a little. I guess he noticed because he grabbed my hand.

"No, of course not I trust you with my life, it's just that if I would have told you sooner you would have thought I liked you just for that reason and I didn't want to to think that." His words are laced with concern letting me immediately know he is telling the truth.

"Well, I'm still confused as to what this reason is, so can you spit it out already?" . I asked annoyed with all these damn secrets.

He turned his attention to the audience we had and before you know it everyone cleared out of the living room leaving me and Kaden alone.

He went to grab my hands but I pulled them back feeling betrayed by him and all the people I thought were my friends.

He sighed out loud and looked me in my eyes,"Athena before I tell you this I want you to know I liked you for you not because of the mate pull okay." He says but I couldn't understand what the hell he was saying.

Mate pull?, What the hell is that.

He must of noticed my confused face before starting,"Every werewolf has a mate, a mate is like someone you can't live without. If you do live with your one it will kill you. Every time you touch sparks erupt through you. Every time you kiss you feel the connection grow stronger. It's like your other half you've been waiting for your whole life." He finished with a smile on his face.

I sat there thinking about what he said. When we touch I feel a spark. When we kiss I feel like I'm on cloud 9. When we're not together I don't feel complete. I'm Kaden's smith's mate.

I looked at Kaden seeing him watch me as I process this information. "So...uh..I'm your.....mate"? I asked slowly. He nodded slowly as if I was going to faint again.

"How do you get a mate?" I questioned

He chuckled before answering,"Remember you were telling me about the moon goddess right?", I nodded,"Well she is real, she created all werewolves and paired them with a soul mate, they will soon find each other's when the time is right."

I am taking my time trying to put together pieces.

"But that's not why I asked you out, not because of some mate pull or soul mate thing, well maybe a little but I like you for you, to your sarcastic ways to your goofy self." He laughs.

"What about the wolf that tried to kill me today?". I asked in a whisper.

Kaden suddenly growled which caused me to jump back. Him seeing my reaction his face softened,"Sorry it's just I hate what happened today, those wolfs are called rogues,who got kicked out of there packs for being dangerous or causing harm to others, some even lose there minds from their mate dying." He says in a rough voice.

I don't think he likes rogues very much.

"Oh". Was all I had to say before getting up to leave. Kaden automatically got up and grabbed my wrist.

"Where are you going?". I couldn't look at him, I already new If I did I would melt into his arms.

"Home, I just need some time to think." I say trying to get out of his hold, key word try.

He turned me around in one swift motion but I kept my eyes down. I felt his warm finger gently lift my head up making me look up with my eyes closed. Call me childish but if I look into those eyes he can convince me to stay.

"Athena open your eyes, please." He said oh so softly says. 

Before I new what I was doing my eyes fluttered open to look into the most beautiful eyes ever.

"Please let me drive you home." He says which caught me by surprise, I thought he was going to ask me to stay. I nodded softly still looking into his eyes.

Fifth teen minutes later we were parked in front of my house not saying anything.

"Athena I just want you to know take your time into thinking about things, everything you found out today was a lot, so I understand you need you space, but please don't shut me out, I can't stand not hearing your voice for too long." He says brushing a piece of hair behind my ear.

I smiled at him for respecting my much need of space. I opened the car door ready to get out but I stopped, turned around looking at Kaden, I leaned in and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips before leaving out. Once I got into my house I released a breath I didn't realize I been holding.

What a day


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