Bones breaking.23

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Waking up to the sun shinning in your face and summer breeze cooling you off makes anyone have a smile on their face. Rolling over to the other side of the bed I bump into something hard. Looking up at the rock I presume I hit I came face to face with a sleeping Kaden.

"Aahhh". I screamed jolting Kaden up out of the bed and standing in front of me in a protective stance.

Seeing there was no danger he turned to look at me with an annoyed look.

"Why did you scream". He says with a groggy voice that sent shivers down my spine.

"Why'd I scream? Tell me why your in my bed half naked." I responded now looking at his toned chest.

"Your bed?,He chuckled, "You mean my bed....and room." He says waving his hands around gesturing to the room.

Looking around I see that I'm in a almost all black room that is definitely not mine. Putting pieces together; I'm in Kaden's room and I woke up hear meaning...that we slept together. Eye widening I look down at myself to see that I'm in nothing but a black tank top and short shorts. Releasing a breath I didn't know I was holding I looked back up at Kaden smirking.

"You thought we slept together didn't you?". He states more than a question moving closer to me.

"N-no I-i-". I stuttered with burning cheeks.

N-n-n, yes you did that's why your stuttering." He laughs mimicking me.

"Shut up! How did I even get into your bed anyway?". I asked annoyed.

"You really don't remember". He asks searching my face for the answer, seeing that I don't he continued. "Well after finding out about you and your mom Leah surprised you with a party she had planned for you so we all went and showed ourselves, well expect me of course but anyway long story short Greyson and you made a bet that you couldn't hold your drinks so you both did shots, but considering that it takes werewolves a lot to get drunk, you threw up after a couple and so I brought you up here to sleep it off but not before I gave you medicine". He finished smirking once again.

"Oh". Was all I say remembering bits and pieces.

'It's true'. A voice said.

"Who said that!". I yelled.

"Who said what?". Kaden asked looking around.

'Me'  The voice that I slowly figured out was Misty.

'And me!'. Hopes voice

Seeing Kaden still confused informed me that he doesn't know that I have voices in my head. Wow that made me sound crazy.

"Uh sorry I have to get use to misty and hope."


"Oh...uh Misty is my wolf and Hope is my guardian." I say informing him on my little information.

"Wow really? So you can talk to your wolf and guardian?". He said sounding very happy.

"Yeah that's what I just said."

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