Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Out of the corner of my eye was the unexpected. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was looking right. About 20 feet away from me was none other than… Rich.

Richard D’Ivore. My brother. It couldn’t be. Why would he be here? He’s supposed to be with father right?

Just then, I had remembered the life that I had left behind, and it was a rude awakening from the sweet dream I was having.


“Y-Yes!?” he startled me.

“What’s wrong?”


Before I knew it, Rich was headed over this way. He was with another boy. He seemed to be older. Maybe he was about 23, 24?

I wasn’t sure it was Rich yet, he could just be someone who looks like him.

He approached and looked rather excited. I had never seen him like this.

He took Tesni’s hand and shook.

“Hey are you Tesni Dubois?”

“Why yes I am!” he smiled. “Do I know you?”

“Oh no, I’m Richard Grey.” Yup that him, he even still goes by Grams last name. “Im a huge fan of you art!” He smiled.

“Haha well you have good taste.” He stopped and started at Rich for a second and back at me.” You know you two could be brothers.”

I was in shock.

“Brothers?” Rich asked. “Don’t you mean brother and sister?”

“Oh my bad!” Tesni faced palmed himself. “Yes I meant that.” He laughed. “But it’s funny because you two even have the last name.”

“Haha, is that so?” Rich asked.

My face was extremely red right now.

“SO who’s this with you?” Tesni asked, directing his question towards the man.

He took and said. “Oh, I’m Thomas, but you can call me Tom.” He smiled. “I’m Rich’s boyfriend.”

Did he just say boyfriend? Boyfriend?

I started to involuntarily mouth the word. Boyfriend? Rich basically dumped me for this guy?

Rich turned his attention towards me. “What’s wrong with your girlfriend right there?” he questioned.

“Aw well, I guess since we are kinda sorta all gays here, he’s not my girlfriend.” He smiled turning towards me. I wanted to drop dead. “He’s my boyfriend.”

God I wanted to kill Tesni right now.

“Ah really.” He smiled. “You know I use to have a brother who looks kinda like you, his name was Jesse.”

“Ah really what happened to him?”

“Well, he didn’t know I was his brother until about 4 years ago, At the time our father was abusing him. He had a real awful life and had lost many friends and had even been raped.” He sighed. “But me and my grandmother saved him and sent him to England. The last time I had talked to him was 3 years ago. He had been with a lot of guys. And I admit I did some stuff with him that I’m not proud of, I had even loved him in the un-brotherly way. But he made me realize that it was wrong when he left me. I haven’t seen him since, but he’s probably fine I’m not worried. I find myself to not really care about it anymore.” He smiled.

“Aw that’s so sad.” Tesni frowned. “You know that’s funny.” He turned to me. “My boyfriends name is Jesse, but he doesn’t seem like that Jesse.” He smiled.

“Yeah, well my brother was real short, scrawny and pale white. “

“Haha well, this Jesse, he’s kind loving, confident, beautiful, and he would never let me down as.” He spoke softly as he kissed my cheek.

I spoke softly to him. “I-I’m to feeling too well.” I felt so ill at the moment, like I was going to throw up that crepe I ate earlier.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

I nodded my head.

“Why don’t you go get something to drink?” he smiled.


I left and when I came back, I heard Rich talking.

He said, “I really do love Tom. I have said that to a few people, even my brother, but all in all, Tom takes the cake, he’s the light in my eyes.” He smiled. He lit up in a way I had never seen, and it made me jealous. It made me snap.

Before I knew it, I was shouting at Rich.


“W-what?” I was gripping him by the collar of his nice shirt. Tears pouring down my cheeks.


“Why what?”

I stood still and let the tear’s fall from my face. I looked up again and glared in his eyes. He had grown so much taller than me, he cut his hair too. “Why would you love him more than…” I paused, trying to catch my breath. “Why would you love him more than… me?” I cried.

”J-Jesse?” he questioned.

I dropped him I couldn’t do this, I was already making a scene.  I turned to Tesni. “I-I’m sorry…”

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