Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I walked down the street, taking a swig from my water bottle every now and again. It was early summer, and the heat was killing me. I was on my way to Rob’s house to help him out with some yard work he had been planning to do, my father was hesitant about me walking by myself wearing my booty shorts and a tank top, but in the end I won the argument and left.

Even though he lived close, it didn’t take long for the heat to overwhelm me. I was actually excited about seeing him, recently we had started dating, but my father didn’t know. I was scared to tell him, worried he might return back to his abusive self, so for all he knew, we were really good friends. Really good friends who liked to touch each other… wow I’m starting to scare myself.

 Rob was going to be eighteen in August, so we had only the summer to indulge ourselves until we had to end it thanks to legal problems. But he was going to start college in September either way, so once he got out, I would be eighteen and we could be together worry-free. Rob ending up rejecting Harvard, he didn’t want to become a lawyer anyways, so he went into the art business, he was really good at painting and I was happy about any decision he made.

I slowly approached his house, dragging my feet along the way. Why’d he have to choose a day like today to do yard work?

“Rob!” I shouted, noticing him planting some flowers in his yard.

 “Hey! Come on over Jesse!”

I smiled and rushed over to him. “Hey rob!” I said thrusting myself on top of him.

“Hey baby.” He said pecking my lips. I smiled up at him before I noticed that someone was inside his house.

“Hey, there’s someone inside of your house.”

 “Oh ya, that’s my tutor, he’s teaching me some painting techniques and what not.”

“Oh… You better not let him touch you!” I scowled.

 “Don’t worry I won’t!” He laughed. “This reminds me, I have something I need to ask you.”

 “Hm? What is it?”

 “Well I’m going to the beach and I was wondering if you wanted to go?”

 “Oh Rob! Of course I want to go! But…”

“But What?”

“Well you know, my dad’s been super protective of me lately.”

“Oh yeah well…. I will be with you the whole time; I won’t leave your side. Just atleast ask him, okay?”

“Okay!” I grinned hugging him.

“Here, why don’t we go inside and get some lemonade? You can meet my tutor!” He smiled.


We walked into his house, fixing 2 classes of lemonade. While he did that I wondered off into his living room, but hid when I heard some rustling around in there. I peered in and stared in awe at all the art stuff in there, but what caught me by even more surprise was the person fixing it all up.

“R-R-Rich??” I questioned.

The person who looked to be Rich turned around and gave me an expression that I was giving him.

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