Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

I dressed as I usually would have. Not too flashy or anything. I did want to make a good impression for Dylan and who
ever this gay guy I'm suppose to be going on a date with. I was really worried that he was going to be one of the guys that if you reject their love, they will hunt you down and rape you. I'm sick of people like that.

I had taken a shower before, so my hair was still wet. I scowled in the mirror, even if liked this guy, would he like me?

"God Jesse quit gawking at yourself in the mirror." Teased Dylan.

"Oh shush." I stuck my tongue out at him and he laughed.

"Well you should probably dry your hair before we leave." He giggle as he started to dry my hair with a towel.

I could feel his hands rubbing against my head as he rubbed the towel thoroughly through my blonde locks. It made me true bright pink.

When he finished, he pulled the towel off my still wet head, and static electricity kicked in. of course my hair would take afro form and stick out every were. He started to laugh and I just rolled my eyes.

"D'awww, you look so cute."

"Jerk." I muttered, as he continued his endless giggling.

Eventually Dylan told me about the guy I was going on a blind date with. His name is Tesni, from Whales, he tall (but everybody is too me) strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes. And too my luck he's 16. About a year and a half older. I was actually pretty excited, he sounded decent. And then Dylan gave me the bad news.

"Uhh, Jesse?"

"Yeah?" I replied as I pressed the button for the bottom floor on the elevator.

"Michael and Tucker may be joining us."

The color fell from my face. "T-they're going?" I really didn't want this.

"I said might. I highly doubt they will go if they knew you were going." He winked.

That didn't make the tense feeling in the air go away. "Alright." Suddenly I wasn't looking forward to the date any more. I wanted to go back to the room and curl up in the bed, but I couldn't. I couldn't let my feelings escape me. I had to be strong; I had to be for Rich.

My heart dropped when I saw Tucker and Michael waiting outside for us. Michael was leaning against a black SUV with Tucker wrapped in his arms.

My face turned bright red at the memory I had with Tucker. I felt embarrassed about it, so I decided I would try to avoid him throughout the night.

Dylan grabbed onto my hand.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine." He gave me a reassuring smile, or at least he attempted too. It wasn't all too reassuring.

"Haha, yeaahhh..."

So of course tonight wasn't adding up to be as exciting as I wanted it to be. And of course Michael was going to make fun of me, as well as trying to eat Tuckers face while groping him.

"Get in the car douche bags!" Shouted Michael.

Dylan scowled and led, or more as dragged, me over to the black SUV. I hesitated on getting into the passenger seat, but I ended up sitting. Michael and Tucker were (of course) in the back embracing each other. Apparently Tucker couldn't sit in the seat like a normal person and preferred to sit in Michaels lap. They way they loved each other... It was disgusting.

While they were moaning up a storm in the back, I was watching Dylan as he drove the SUV down the road.


"Yeah Jesse?"

"W-what is Tesni like?"

"Oh, he's really nice! He's an artist and he does lots of different things. He is indeed very talented. He hasn't really ever dated any one and he only came out of the closet a month ago."


"Yeah, but he's a great guy."

I stopped replying to his endless ranting on Tesni. They must be great friends from the way Dylan talks about him.

I felt kind of jealous about the whole situation. I'll admit that I LIKE Dylan, and I wish I was good friends with him, but this is only my second day of knowing him. Imagine what a week will do to me....

We arrived at the movies, and as soon as Dylan got out, he was ambushed by a girl with long brunette hair, tied in slopping pig tails. I have to admit, even if I was gay, she was still very pretty.

She noticed me standing there and let go of him and looked at me. WOW, she's only 2 inches taller than me... but she was a girl... She straightened her pea coat out and shot me a glare.

"Who is he...?"

"He's my roommate." Laughed Dylan. I don't really see how he thought that was funny.

"OHHH!!" she squealed.

Before I could calculate the time in space and the speed she was moving at, she was hugging me and a death hold. "AHH, DYLANS TOLD ME ABOUT YEWWW!"

I felt my life being squeezed out of me, and finally after hugging me for 5 minutes she let go. I gasped for air, and fell too my knees like I was dying.

"So, where's Tesni?" Dylan questioned.

"Oh! He's inside waiting for us!" she squealed again."We should go in now!"

"Dude, your girlfriend's hyper active."

"Haha yeah, but I love her." He smiled. For some reason I found that hard to believe since he was always with other girls.

We went inside, and I was kind of scared yet excited to meet him. And when I finally did, I didn't regret it.

He was sweet and cute but sexy at the same time. It made me was to do like Dylan's girlfriend and squeal while tackling him. And I hadn't even seen his face yet. He turned around and I was frozen where I stood.

His blue eyes caught my green ones, and I swear I was about to melt. He had beautiful fair skin, a pink ivory. His strawberry blonde hair reached down too his jaw line, and every time he moved his head, it would get just slightly messy. The way his black skinny jeans defined his fine fine ass, and how he made a plain white shirt look like the most amazing shirt ever. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his black jacket and walked over to me, his black converse squeaking against the marble floor.

"Hey, I'm Tesni." He smiled reaching out his hand to shake mine. He sounded American, not even a tinge of British (or Welsh).

I felt like I was going to die (?) if I touched him. "Hey, I-I'm.... I..." Shit I forgot my name.

"Jesse." Dylan said for me.

Thank yew Dylannnn you saved meeee! "Yeah, Jesse." I laughed. I took his hand and shook it.

"Haha, it's alright if you're nervous." He smiled. Such a sweet smile... it made me melt.

"Let's just go to the movie now." Scowled Tucker. Jealous much?

"Alright." Agreed Dylan.

Tesni took his hand in my and walked with me. I did a little inner fan girl squeal, and my face turned a deeper shade of red.

We made our way over to counter, I'm not even sure what the movie we're going to see is, but I don't really care. As long as I get to sit in Tesni-poo's little lap (Did I really just call him that??) I shall be content. Okay maybe a little more than content, talk about horny.

I was near shaking with excitement, but life has it's little twist and turns, and one of them just happened to smack me right in the face. (When doesn't that happen?)

At the counter was, guess whoooo! BEN!!! YAY YOU WIN A FREE BUTT RAPE!

I felt my heart fall into my stomach. I couldn't move, I was frozen. (And not in the good way either).

He seemed to have notice me as well, and he had the same reaction. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tucker's face pale.

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