Chapter 2

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 (I realize that this was changed to first person, don’t get on my back for it DX)

I slowly walked up to the school lot, lingering around the parking lot. I was in 9th grade, but I looked like I should be in 5th grade, and thus I was made fun of a lot.

 “Hey look guys its Fucknugget.” Teased a senior.      

 “Haha look Tyler, he’s getting off at you calling him that!” shouted his gay companion.

 I started getting really annoyed, and tried to think of a retort. “Look who’s talking Fag face.” I shouted. I quickly regretted my words. They were on me in a second, pounding me into a pulp. I wasn’t able to do much, since I’m so small. All I could do was shout.

Soon, I was saved. Rob had beaten them up, and was hovering over me, wrapping me in his arms. My face was jacked up again, and the kicked me in the side a couple of times. “I didn’t need your help.” I said, glaring at him.

 “Clearly you did.” He wasn’t in the mood for a fight, but all I wanted to do was fight.

 “You don’t know anything!” I shouted, even though it was a huge lie. He is the smartest kid in our school, he even got into Harvard, and that’s why he is already studying for it, even though graduation is atleast a month away.

 “Just shut up Jesse!!! You’re lucky I even risked my ass for you!!!”

 “Yeah, but you didn’t have to!! I was fine!!!”

 “Fine then, you’re all on your own!!” He shouted, dropping me on the ground, storming away, leaving me for dead. I hadn’t realized how much I needed him until that moment. I regretted my words, I knew he’s the only reason I’m not already dead. I stood up, beginning to black out but soon I gathered myself up and walked to class. I sat through the class, being made fun of, being flirted with, both. The day went by quickly; all I could think about was Rob. I kept touching my raw face, letting the pain surge to the wound and quickly pulling my hand away.

It wasn’t till the end of the day that I saw Rob again. He had a car, and I needed a ride home. Were we lived was atleast 5 miles away, I didn’t feel like walking either. I approached him slowly, quietly grabbing the back of his shirt.

 “What?” he said before seeing me, expecting someone else.”Oh, it’s you…” He said glaring down at me.

 “Rob, will you give me a ride home?” I questioned.

 “You obviously didn’t understand when I said, you’re on your own. Now get lost.” He said turning and walking away. I felt betrayed, and I wasn’t ever use to this feeling. 

I ended up walking home, trudging through the mud. It was still very light out, but clouds took over the sky, and it started to welcome rain. I was close to home, entering the hood. I started to get nervous, I missed Rob; I know what I had said was mean, but it wasn’t something he had never been introduced to by me, why would he take it so seriously this time?

 Lost in thought, I didn’t realize that there was someone behind me, and before I could comprehend, they pulled me away, into a dark ally. A place was kids like me were raped.

He was a tall white man, very muscular. I couldn’t make out his face but he had shaggy black hair. He threw me on the ground, and was on top of me in an instant. He started to pull down my trousers, and all I could do was scream. I knew no one could hear me… Not my father, not Rob, not even Kyle. If anyone ever saw or heard, they kept walking, not mentioning anything.  I could feel that he had a hard on, as soon as he started lodging himself inside of me. His hard member was scraping my insides, trusting hard against me. I scream loud, shouting things I couldn’t remember. I started getting an errection, and he was rubbing me, his hand sliding up and down, his thumb shifting over the slit. He started playing with my balls as he began thrusting quicker. He put a gag in my mouth at one point, and I cried out long and hard. Tears dripped from my red blood shot eyes. I tried screaming but the gag disabled me. I knew there was blood inside of me, and he went faster and quicker every time I would tense up. He was very very big; it felt as if he was about atleast 8 inches. He being rubbing my member harder and I started swelling up, struggling to come. My face was red and my vision was blurry. I screamed hard and tensed up when I finally came to a climax. I felt my come cover my stomach, and it hit me in the face.

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